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When the spring begins to peck the crucian and on what?

When the spring begins to peck the crucian? Of course, this is a matter of concern to all, without exception, novice fishermen. It is noteworthy that in March this peaceful fish can be caught without baiting, but there are exceptions to this rule.

The decision of the question of when the crucian carp begins to peck in the spring depends on many factors. In particular, from the geographical point of the pond. Remember that the north it is located, the later comes the spring, and consequently, the water will warm up more slowly.

Those who are uneasy about the question of when the crucian carp begin to peck in the spring, must know that during the winter this fish spends a huge amount of energy and energy, which it must fill, as it has to go to spawn.

And it is with the advent of spring, when they get into large flocks, the river carp, begin large-scale migrations, leaving their habitats. Only with the onset of June they will return home.

Lake carassi

Quite interesting is the question of when the carp pecks in the spring on the lakes. At this amazing time of the year, when nature wakes up, it comes as close as possible to the shore as possible, so that it can be nurtured. Naturally, before you start to spawn, he suffers a severe hunger, so he begins a real zhor. Typically, this happens at a time when the water is warming up to +10 degrees Celsius. However, the fish does not fatten too long: after satisfying hunger, it goes to spawn. It's incredibly difficult to catch her at this time, so it's very important for fishermen not to miss the right moment.

Classical point of view

Most of the authoritative experts in fishing have a clear position in deciding the question: "When does the spring begin to peck the crucian carp?" It is generally accepted that the carp of the carp comes in the last days of April. However, this point of view can not be recognized as the only correct one.

The fact is that it is difficult to predict the beginning of the biting, because the crucian is a very capricious fish that does not obey any rules.

As already emphasized, the solution of the question of when it begins to peck crucian in the spring, depends on a number of nuances. The most important of these are the features of the reservoir and the weather conditions.

The life style of the crucian

Novice anglers who have a very remote idea of when they begin to peck the crucian in the spring should remember that this fish can exist in different variations of aquatic ecosystems: ponds, reservoirs, lakes, rivers and even peat bogs and marshes. And in each of them the style of carp behavior is different. In particular, if its habitat is heated ponds, then the fish can be caught all year round.

Let us examine in more detail the factors that determine the solution of the question of when the crucian pecks in the spring.

Temperature regime of water

Carp wakes up with the onset of spring heat. The main condition for a good bite is warm water. The optimum temperature here is +10 degrees Celsius. Under such conditions, small rivers and ponds, as well as coastal zones, first warm up. In such places the crucian can be caught even in the last days of March. In mid-April, fish that live in small ecosystems with a dark silty bottom begin to show activity.

For many fishermen, the question is not uninteresting: "When does it begin to peck the crucian in the spring in the suburbs?" The fish fry in this region appears immediately, as soon as the water warms up to +7 degrees Celsius. Noteworthy is the fact that without baiting the crucian carp in the Moscow water bodies after winter it is very difficult to catch.

Later, all of them wake up with zhor in the carp, which live in large ponds with a deep bottom. If there are cold currents in them, then it is not necessary to wait for the end of May.

Also it is necessary to take into account the fact that spring is spring-strife. One year it is warm, and the other, on the contrary, is cold.

If you touch the question of when it begins to peck crucian in the spring in Moscow, it should be noted that many fishermen deliberately begin to hunt for it only at the end of May, when the spawning takes place.

Temperature regime of air

Activity carp increased after the air warms to a temperature of +15 degrees Celsius. However, if a series of warm days terminates for a few days a cold anticyclone, biting can suddenly stop.


Experts on fishing tirelessly argue that the south-west wind contributes to the good biting of the crucian carp. At the same time, the northeast beats off the appetite of the fish. The stronger the wind speed, the greater the probability of a rich catch.

Clear and cloudy weather

The sudden alternation of cloudy and clear weather has a negative impact on the quality of biting. The fact is that the crucian does not tolerate sudden changes in atmospheric pressure. He will not start pecking until a stable warm weather is established.

Times of Day

As practice shows, the ideal time for catching a crucian carp is one hour before dawn and two hours after that.

In other words, try to throw the fishing rods in the interval between 5 and 7 o'clock in the morning. It is also important to consider that the probability of catching a lot of fish in the spring in the period from 10 to 16 hours at a high air temperature is low enough. When the sun sets, the chances of success again increase.

Bait and lure

Of course, during the winter crucian was very hungry, so with the onset of spring, he immediately tries to fill the lack of calories. When choosing a fishing trip, take with you some grain or specialized food with the addition of flavor.

A little sated with a pearl barley with the addition of bloodworms or chopped worms will increase your chances of catching a lot of carp. The only recommendation here is not to overdo it with the amount of fertilizing. Do not omit the whole bucket with top dressing at once: saturate the fish in small portions.

As for the bait, the crucian is ideally suited for dough, worm, bloodworm, cauliflower, corn, canned peas. If you want, you can go to an experiment: sometimes the fish bites even on chewing gum.

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