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What you need to consider, creating an interior villa

To create a beautiful and comfortable interior of the villa is one of the main tasks for every owner of a country house. It consists in developing a truly cozy and comfortable environment, in which one wants to spend as much free time as possible.

Having a large living area of the house, it is important to correctly place the main rooms. The bedroom is best located in the east, the kitchen - in the north, and the hall - in the west. It is this interior design of the dacha that will allow you to observe all the cycles of nature, as close as possible to it (after all, most people buy a private house for these purposes).

If the space of the dwelling is rather small, then it should not be further cluttered up with partitions and various furniture. In this case, an excellent option will be the creation of small screens for zoning space, which will take into account the wishes of all family members.

A special role in interior design of the dacha should be given to the color range of its walls and ceiling, as it is noticed that some of them are able to raise the mood by acting excitately, others, on the contrary, calm and make you relax. So, for the kitchen, it is best to choose yellow or pastel colors that can
To set a special feeling of necessary comfort and warmth in the mornings, which is important for the entire interior of the villa. Accents here can be arranged with the help of red or orange, which act in some way exciting and makes you quickly cheer up after a long night. For the hall it is preferable to paint the walls in green, brown or blue color (or in their shades). In this case, the main thing is to make the whole space harmonious and provide smooth transitions between all the rooms of the house.

Thinking about the interior of the villa, you should also take care of purchasing comfortable furniture (and there should not be too much of it). In addition, do not forget about the presence of small design elements that will help to make the necessary accents and attract additional attention to guests at home. It can be woven vases, small figurines and family photos, beautiful curtains, rugs, lampshades that will add light and make staying in the house even easier and careless.

The classic interior at the dacha should include as many items made of natural wood as possible. This is not just about wooden furniture. For such a house is best suitable parquet floor, which must be protected from the harmful effects of light and moisture. The walls of the veranda or the hall can be finished with a lining, covered with a colorless varnish. Such interior design will also positively affect later on the general mood. And this is important!

Deciding to create the interior of the dacha on its own, one should take into account the material from which it was made. For a brick house, a modern style is best, for a wooden one, a more traditional one.

Quite often in our time, looking at the interior of the house, you can find out about the preferences of its owner. So, there is a fishing, hunting or modern entertaining style that can always impress with its unusual architecture, for example, stained glass windows, glass elements or unique doorways.

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