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What to do if stuck in an elevator: rules of conduct

In most urban homes there are elevators, thanks to which there is a convenient movement of people between floors. Often, there are breakdowns of the cabin, which leads to its jamming. This situation can happen to anyone: both with adults and with children. And many people do not even know how to behave in this case. What if I'm stuck in an elevator? Verified advice will help in this.

Help dispatcher

First of all, what should I do if I am stuck in an elevator? It is necessary to click on the call button of the dispatcher. This employee monitors the operation of the equipment, and also eliminates malfunctions and accidents. Each elevator must be connected to the control room.

The service of elimination of accidents consists of multifunctional complexes, consoles, which have been examined. They need to be used only when everything is installed safely. Dispatch control allows you to provide communication with the cabin, sound signaling about the call, the opening of doors.

Calling the wizard

When the dispatcher does not answer, what should you do if you are stuck in an elevator? You can call the wizard. Usually in the cabin are the telephone numbers of emergency services. The elevator stops because of safety. Often this is due to a malfunction in the doors.

Over time, there are disruptions in the operation of the cabins, so they can stop regularly. The stop of the elevator is also due to the fault of the people who are rocking it, jumping while driving. The cabin stops when the power supply in the house is cut off.

Basic Actions

What if the elevator is stuck? First you need to calm down, because in a panic state it is impossible to solve the problem. Experts recommend to sit down, lean back against the wall, as from the support of a man quickly calms down.

You should not get out of the elevator yourself. What do people do when they get stuck in an elevator? They call the dispatcher, and for that there is a special button. It is necessary to explain the situation and ask for help. If the dispatcher is not in the house, then you need to name the address.

It is necessary to wait for the arrival of lifters, and only when the repair work is completed, you can go out. It is easier to call the masters if there is a telephone. In a broken elevator you can shout for help. Warm clothes should be undone or removed. When there is psychological discomfort, then the call to a close person will help calm down.

It is forbidden to smoke in a stuck elevator, as it is not known how long it will take to spend there. Calm down, water will help, but you should not drink everything. What if I get stuck in an elevator with other people? In this case, the actions remain the same. We need to call for help. If there are children among them, you should first calm them down.


Some people suffer from fear of enclosed space. This psychological disease is called claustrophobia. If the elevator breaks down, an attack may occur. At this moment, it is important for a person to relax. It is necessary to breathe in and out, restoring breathing.

With the right behavior, there will be no claustrophobia. What if I'm stuck in an elevator? It is necessary to create a positive mental image. Help concentration on one close subject. You can evaluate its external properties, identify shortcomings. If someone else is in the cabin, you can talk to the person. Helping breathing exercises that should be familiar to a person with claustrophobia. Help to cope with the attack rhythmic movements.

Such actions are suitable for preventing panic attacks. This method can be used to combine with the technique of auto-suggestion. In this case the panic passes without serious signs and therefore ends faster. With attacks of claustrophobia, one should consult a doctor to prescribe a cure.

Fall of the lift

Residents of multi-story houses should know what to do if the elevator is stuck. The cabin can not only stop, but also fall sharply down. In this case, you must press the "Stop" button. You need to take a safe pose: squat, pressing your back against the wall, and hands to rest on the floor. Close the head with a bag.

If there is a rail in the elevator, then you should take it. If you are fixed in one position, then there is less risk of damage. After stopping the cab, you need to call the dispatcher.

Rules of using the lift

Each elevator is installed after it has been checked for its safety. Over time, the design wears out, which causes shortcomings. Residents should use the safety rules.

Do not go into the elevator if it does not stop. Sometimes it happens that its doors are open, and repair work is underway. Therefore, the cabin can stop at different levels. When there was a stop, you do not need to get out on your own, otherwise you can only aggravate the situation.

It is forbidden to smoke in the elevator, and also take with them poisonous and flammable components. Such substances are harmful to health, as it will have to be in a confined space for a while. When a cab is stuck, a person is in a confined space for a while, and therefore you should take care of the air.

The rules for using the elevator must be in every entrance. If you apply them, then in any situation you will be able to behave correctly. The main thing is to keep a calm state. When the dispatcher is notified, the problem is usually solved in a short time.

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