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What Should I Know For Successful Website Optimization?

To successfully promote your site, internal optimization requires a lot of attention. It is advisable to think about internal optimization even before the actual work on the development of the site. It is very important to determine in advance the theme and direction of your work. It will be more appropriate to place the most popular topics on the first page, distribute the remaining topics to the internal pages of your resource.
Start working with the development of search engine optimization. Starting work on the site, you definitely need to determine for yourself what the purpose of the site is. It is very important that the materials of your resource correspond to the direct purpose of the created Internet resource.
Note that the user must find each page of the site no more than three clicks.
In addition, you need to go to Wardtstad Yandex and create your own semantic kernel.

Keywords should be placed on all pages. On the main page, you should place the most popular and complex words, on the remaining pages, the words of a lesser value. The pages of the lowest level should contain the simplest and narrowest words.
All tags of your page should be unique. It is necessary to make so that in the title were written those keywords for which you are preparing the page. This can be done automatically.
Each page of the site should contain a text optimized for certain keywords. Do not get involved in keyword optimization. It will be enough if the keywords have a density of 4%.
The texts should be divided into sub-headings. Each subtitle must contain a specific keyword. The key words highlighted in the text in bold type work well.
Very many users choose and search for sites by pictures. Having made an interesting description of the images on your site, you automatically increase the interest of visitors with your resource.
A very significant factor in conducting internal optimization is that every internal link has as many references to itself as possible. What is the reason for this? The fact that internal links have the same value with external references.
Search engines prefer text links, so all links must be textual. Do not forget that it is very important to create an updated text map of the site.

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