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What kind of film can be called "the most interesting horror film"?

Almost every person in the collection has a dozen favorite movies of any genre. And someone in general is able to easily and simply list a whole list of liked films. Each has its own individual tastes and preferences. And about fears and generally nothing to say. But to make a list of horror films you can try all the same.

Nothing in the world can be called impeccable. There is an opportunity to question almost any fact. Especially when it comes to the most interesting horror film. But all the same it is not necessary to hasten them to criticize, as all estimate differently. When choosing a film, you should first of all be guided by feedback, comments and expert evaluation. Therefore, before you bring your criticism, it is worth familiarizing yourself with some particularly popular horror films.

So, let's start discussing the top three popular films and choose one that will be awarded the title of "the most interesting horror film".

At the first position is the Casket of Curses. All the events of this motion picture begin to occur after the girl buys a casket at one of the fairs. At first, parents did not see anything wrong with the behavior of their daughter. But after some time, the girl starts behaving very strangely, and the reaction to trying to figure out what's wrong is generally beyond the reasonable. To solve the riddle and save her daughter, the girl's father, together with his ex-wife, joins their efforts. Will they be able to protect their child? This film can easily claim the title "The most interesting horror film."

Second place is the motion picture Midnight Express. The film narrates about those events that occurred after the photographer L. Kaufman received an offer from one of the galleries. In order for his photos to be presented to the public eye, he must capture the most terrible and dark things that are happening in the city. During his search, he became an unwitting witness to the murder of a young girl. Realizing that he is at least able to help police officers, Leon begins to deal with this case. But eventually the murderer kidnaps and his girlfriend. Can a young photographer save her?

On the third position among the films claiming the title "The most interesting horror film" is the thriller "Woman in Black". Actions of the painting will take place in one of the villages of England, where Arthur was forced to come. He needs to understand as quickly as possible the papers of the owner of the estate. It is in this place that he will encounter something inexplicable and terrible. What awaits the young man in the future?

All these films can be safely introduced into the rating of the most horrible horror films, as they capture from the first minutes and do not release until the very end. Whoever does not agree with him, let him try to make his own list and publish it on public display, so that everyone can approve or "reject" this choice. If you have not looked at the pictures listed above, you should review them. Sorry just do not have to.

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