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What is useful is the decoction of oats.

The name "oats" in the Latin alphabet sounds like "avena", i.e. "to be healthy". But because of how you feel yourself, it will depend not only on your mood, but also on your appearance.

Oats is one of the most nutritious foods of modern man. It is a powerful preventive agent that can strengthen the body's immunity. Not so long ago, scientists discovered an enzyme in it, which helps the intestines absorb the fat used. In addition, this cereal contains in its composition a sufficient number of biologically active compounds that favorably affect the pancreas, as well as enhancing muscle contractions. Oats are an exceptionally valuable and nutritious product. It contains many complex carbohydrates, high-quality protein and fiber.

Modern industry produces a lot of products, which include oats. Remember at least delicious oatmeal cookies, oat flakes, etc. Oatmeal porridge and oat broth are very popular. The last dish is no less useful than the rest.

Using a decoction of oats, you saturate the body with fats. Yes Yes. And this should not be surprised. After all, oats are the richest fat of cereals. It is also very rich in a protein containing a lot of essential acids, such as tryptophan, lysine, and methionine. In addition, a properly prepared oats broth contains a huge amount of useful micro- and macro elements, such as iron, sulfur, silicon, fluorine, potassium. A lot of magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, chromium, manganese, nickel, fluorine, iodine, etc. is also abundant in it. The oats broth is rich in vitamins B1, B2, B6, K, E, nicotinic and pantothenic acids, carotene.

Huge popularity of the oats broth was due to the great French doctor Jean de S. Catherine, who everywhere propagandized it as an elixir of longevity. He daily used the broth in the spring, summer and autumn periods. The regime of the doctor was the use of two glasses on an empty stomach, two glasses two hours before lunch and the same two glasses three hours after that. And by the way, the famous doctor lived up to 120 years. This is not proof of the benefits of the product.

One of the secrets of oats is the action of beta-glucan, which forms on the walls of the intestine some protective film that saves it for some time from the penetration of various pathogenic bacteria. No less important is the presence of fiber, which itself, having a sufficiently low energy value, contributes to a decrease in the caloric content of the products in which it is located. In addition, starch, which is part of oats, is slowly digested and absorbed by our body, which allows you to feel full for several hours.

About how to prepare a decoction of oats, we also knew our distant ancestors. After all, its usefulness was known from ancient times. They often used it as one of the "good potions".

And to cook it is quite simple. Two glasses of oats purchased, for example, in a store selling pet food, you should pour one liter of raw water for 12 hours. Better at night. The next morning it should be brought to a boil and boil on low heat for about an hour and a half. Evaporated water should be supplemented, if necessary. Then he is insisted and filtered. Swollen oats with a certain amount of broth are ground in a blender and cooked again for half an hour until a gelatinous consistency is obtained. That's all.

Decoction of oats, the recipe of which you read, should be stored in the refrigerator and eat, if possible, faster, because it quickly deteriorates.

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