What is the purpose of the window regulator and how to install it?

The power window control unit is a very useful thing for a motorist. The principle of its operation is as follows. When the driver forgets to close the windows in the car and at the same time puts the car on the alarm, the same door closer (the second name of the power window control unit) automatically lifts the windows up. Today we will tell in detail how this device is arranged and how to install it.

The principle of this mechanism is to simulate the results of pressing the alarm keychain to the elevator control button towards the close. In this case, the whole process is controlled by the power circuit of the motor for the electromagnetic noise of the operating electric motor. In other words, the power window control unit works as follows: a signal is signaled to the resistor, after which the microcontroller switches on the first electric windows through a relay, and then the transformer is activated. The motor signal is applied to the microcontroller port. And when the first glass is raised finally, the transformer will first stop its excitement on the first window and switch to the second one if it is open (if not, the operation of the window regulator stops). When the signal from the second lift indicated that the window is closed, the transformer switches further to the third glass and so on until everything is closed.

All signals are applied to the transformer at lightning speed, so the entire process, which was higher than several lines, is performed in a matter of seconds. No more than 4-5 seconds - and all windows are closed.

The door closer itself consists of a number of electronic circuits, through which the whole signal of raising the panes is carried. It would seem that the function is one, and the wires are several dozen. But, in spite of this, many motorists who installed the window control module with their own hands do not regard the independent installation of this part as flour. Below we give an example of installing this device in a car.

First, choose the location for installation. The control unit of the VAZ windows is better mounted near the standard, next to the wiring. In the connector of the mechanism with the help of the tester we find the power wires, cut them off and connect the new ones, from our control unit of the window regulators. If you have already programmed a special channel to control the door closer in your alarm, you only have to extend the signal from the alarm to the installation site of the unit. All, pokoldovav over wires and plating, we have achieved that the control unit of the window regulators is set high in place.

Price of issue

To date, the power window control unit is very accessible. It can be purchased for 500-600 rubles. The control unit of the window lifts "Toyota" can cost up to 950 rubles, but no more. So for such moderate money you can get a new and very useful option in your car.

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