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What is menopause or menopause?

What is menopause and when does it occur?

Menopause is the complete cessation of the menstrual cycle. It happens approximately between 40 and 55 years. This is an inevitable physiological process, in which various changes take place in the body of a woman. Ovaries produce less estrogen - a hormone responsible for the complex functioning of the internal organs and the course of menstruation. The onset of menopause is often accompanied by a general malaise, a decrease in the level of the hormone affects the skin, mucous membrane, hair, genitourinary system, bones.

General information

2-3 years before the cycle ends, menses begin to malfunction: the number of excretions may increase, but their duration decreases. Every woman should know what is menopause, and be ready for her, know about the possible symptoms and hormone therapy. If menstruation does not begin within a year, it means only one thing - the onset of menopause. To make sure of this, it is necessary to donate blood to the definition of a hormone that stimulates the ovarian follicles. It is better not to wait a whole year and go to a gynecologist for advice.


What is the menopause, we found out, and now let's figure it out in its manifestations. Before and after the arrival of menopause, the female body undergoes a number of hormonal disorders, which have different manifestations. Frequent symptoms: hot flushes (increased sweating, chills), irregular menstruation, changes in the genitourinary system (frequent cystitis, urinary incontinence), dryness of the vaginal mucosa, malfunction in mood, depression, insomnia, irritability, unreasonable aggression.

What to do

To ease the symptoms, a woman needs to follow a certain diet. Try to eat less, but it is better to completely eliminate foods high in animal fats. In moderate quantities, drink strong drinks, coffee, black tea. A healthy diet implies the presence in the diet of more fresh vegetables, cereals, dairy and fermented milk products, fruits. To reduce or even get rid of excruciating tides will help physical exercises. Running, fast walking, swimming, fitness, dancing will help to maintain health and give confidence. From the dryness of the mucous of the genitals, doctors recommend using water-soluble lubricants, cream, candles. Not bad helps with ordinary petroleum jelly. What is menopause? This is a special condition in which a woman should carefully and attentively treat her health and follow the doctor's recommendations.

Elimination of the effects of menopause

Only a gynecologist can prescribe hormones for menopause, as well as various nutritional supplements. Climax is associated with a decrease in the level of estrogen, HRT (hormone replacement therapy) will help get rid of or alleviate unpleasant manifestations. Today, most contraceptives contain natural hormones, so they practically do not have side effects on the body. Estrogens are available in the form of suppositories, gels, creams, patches and tablets. Also, a doctor can prescribe progesterones for the prevention of bleeding and malignant tumors.

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