What is fashion and what does it matter to every person?

Sometimes, even the simplest word can put us at a dead end if someone asks to give it a clear and concrete definition. Here, for example, what is fashion? It would seem that such a simple question, and immediately answer it, it is unlikely that someone will succeed. We meet this word almost every day. It sounds from the TV, flashes on the monitors of computers, is heard from friends and acquaintances. And we all know its essence. But here it is very difficult to give an accurate definition and find the right words. Let's try to do it all the same.

So, what is fashion? For someone, it is the usual everyday whim, illuminating consciousness with a sudden idea. Other people see in fashion their profession, a true vocation. She makes from ordinary gray experts, what millions, the present creators, founders, artists. However, there are still some fairly clear and understandable definitions, despite the fuzziness of the contours of this concept.

First, fashion, first of all, is one of the forms of manifestation of culture. It can be seen in the manner of behavior, in a variety of clothes, in images and likenesses. Fashion reflects reality, like a huge mirror. And it is constantly changing, adjusting to the human masses. Although in reality it is the society that considers itself to be a slave of capricious and fickle fashion.

The question of what fashion is, basically stirs the minds of those people who at some point in their lives start to move away from it and look from the outside. After all, it's when they stop chasing after other invented ghosts. It is believed that at such a moment a person finds his own unique style that allows him to reveal himself not only internally but also externally, having achieved such images of true harmony with the world around him.

Fashion often makes a loop in its development, thus returning to the long-forgotten details and images. But can there be any definite boundaries for it? If you absolutely learned for yourself what a fashion really is, then none of its extravagant turns will surprise you. Therefore, do not rush to release the wardrobe from seemingly completely obsolete things. A few years (and maybe even decades) will pass, and all the attributes of the forgotten past will again blow up the modern catwalks with loud, shocking appearances.

Everyone has their own fashion. This is especially pronounced in the culture of different countries. Details of the traditional clothing of the inhabitants of one state can cause bewilderment and even laughter in the citizens of another. For example, Muslim fashion. It is based on the domination of men and the subordination of women to strict rules. Therefore, in such countries the weaker sex is forced to hide as much as possible not only its body under a large number of tissues, but even its face. As a result, fashion has acquired a shade of submission. And this does not affect the men who dress only so that it is convenient. In addition, Muslim clothes are designed to protect the skin from the scorching sun.

But the traditional Indian fashion is the exact opposite of the above. Girls in this case dress brightly, brightly and even somewhat defiantly. Open the bellies, the seductive lines of the decollete. In this case, all tissues are very light and thin. But together they create an absolutely unique flying and gentle image. In India, it is customary to wear a large number of large ornaments that, when walking, produce a melodious ringing. This creates an additional effect of the luxury of ladies, wealth, and also makes them visible in the crowd.

Fashion lives in every person, like a religion. And it is not necessary to explain it to someone, trying to defend their point of view. Taste and style is at all, just sometimes they are very different. Exactly, like human characters. Therefore, do not treat fashion as something unified. This is not a law, but, rather, its complete absence.

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