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What does the station dream about: interpretation for different dream books

The station ... This word is associated most of us with trips, with people meeting and seeing off, with trains, buses, business trips, suitcases ... In general, a lot of things come to mind. But why is the station dreaming? It's interesting to know! After all, often the meaning of dreams completely contradicts our usual associations.

Sonnik Miller

So, usually the station dreams of an unexpected turn of events or even meetings. But there is one key feature - they will happen in the way. Perhaps a person will go on a business trip in a train compartment, and at one of the stations a neighbor will sit down to him, who will turn out to be an old acquaintance. This is an example.

And why does the station dream and many people? The book of interpretations explains this as a wind of change. Most likely, in a person's life that fussy period is approaching, when unexpected turns and situations are waiting at every corner. You should be prepared for this, and for the time being forget about stability.

But to see the platform, crowded with people with bags and suitcases waiting for a late train - is a sign from above. Probably, a person in real life is waiting for something very much. And so much so that waiting was part of his life. Well, it's advisable to at least try to get distracted. The expected, most likely, is about to happen.

The esoteric dream book

Another book of interpretations that will help to understand what the station and people are dreaming about. If the dreamer runs to the train, pushing the rest of the passengers on his way, then it's a disappointment. It is possible that the dreamer will soon be greatly upset by the people he trusted. Perhaps, his closest loved ones will disappoint him.

If a feeling of anger remains from the dream, then probably all of the above will come from colleagues or partners. They may turn out to be stupid.

But standing on the platform as a meeting and seeing the train approaching, in the car of which the one the dreamer is waiting for rides is something else. This vision warns that in a short time the dreamer will have to deal with those who dislike him. Or he will have to do what he did not want and for a long time avoided it.

By the way, to see myself at the bus station is to stagnate in the affairs that have been started. And to be at the marine station - to the ruined plans. And their implementation will prevent ill-wishers or simply intervened people. Therefore, if something is planned, it is better to hide it and trust it only to yourself.

Modern book of interpretations

This dream book also tells in detail about what the station is dreaming about. Most likely, the dreamer is bored, and he wants to go on a trip or to meet new interesting personalities. And this vision is a sign that should not be ignored. Now is the time to accomplish what you want for a long time.

By the way, there is one more interpretation, quite mystical. Ostensibly the station in our dreams is a place of meetings with the deceased, with those who are not with us. And people who come and go are themselves. Here's what the station and train with passengers dream about. It is interesting that if a dreamer escorts someone close on a trip, then this means the following: this person really really needs his support. And he appreciates it, even if he rarely talks about it. And even when he is far from a dreamer, he continues to miss him and miss him.

But to see the train station and the arriving train, to which the dreamer must sit - this is to new prospects and chances in life. And they will need to use it.

English dream book

Another book that explains in detail what the station is dreaming about. If a person sees this, then it's time for him to rest. Probably, he has long felt the desire to rid himself of the burden of responsibility. And it's time to do it. Why force yourself to do things that you do not like, make efforts to what the soul does not lie to?

Still happens, that the station decodes, as a symbol of news from afar and interventions of the higher forces in plans. Therefore, it is worthwhile to be prepared for the fact that something long planned will fail. It happens.

When a person sees in a dream that he is late for a train - this is not very good. He runs, tries to make it, gets off his feet, and still misses the locomotive. This means a great fatigue and moral exhaustion in reality. Urgent need a few days (and in general - the more, the better) rest. A real, full-fledged - preferably without business, worries, the Internet, phones and in the fresh air. In nature, outside the city vanity. This will help restore your strength - so says the dream book.

According to Freud

This dream book can also explain why the station is dreaming. In this case, it is associated with discomfort and fear. And with respect to everything - life, people, their activities. Most likely, the dreamer is too critical in relation to life, life style and his environment. Because of this, he is constrained, distrustful and does not want, that is called, to spread his wings. In this case, you need to take care of yourself. Caution and similar feelings - they are good, but in moderation. If it is in excess - then there is no common sense.

When a dreamer sees himself in the waiting room of the station - this is a love affair. Going to the station (dresses, puts things in bags) - to frivolity, which in the near future will manifest other people in relation to the sleeper. Stand on the platform with the trunk - to deceive. And the person will be deceived in his own expectations. To see the porter is to wealth and financial well-being.

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