What does it mean "distributed in the torrent"? Instruction for users

Many Internet users often hear that the necessary files can be downloaded via BitTorrent trackers. What is it about? What does it mean "distributed in the torrent"? How do I download files from there?

All of the above issues are of concern to people who first encountered the need to use BitTorrent trackers. This article tells you what these services are for, how to work with them.

The essence of technology

A few years ago people were not interested in what it means to be "distributed in the torrent". To start the download process it was enough to find the file on the Internet and click on the link. Now users can download archives with documents and images from BitTorrent trackers. The files available for download are not stored on web resources. They are on the computers of other users.

On the sites where people download archives, there is only information about which devices you can download music, movies or utilities. The web resources on which this information is stored are called BitTorrent trackers. Torrents are files that users download from sites. They have a small size (20-30 KB).

These files contain information about compressed archives that users want to download. In order to access them, you need to install a special program and find out what it means to "be distributed in the torrent".

The best tools for working with BitTorrent trackers

The applications uTorrent and BitComet are very popular. Utilities download the necessary archives from other people's computers. During this process, programs use the information available in the torrent files.

Downloading is interrupted if there is no requested archive on any PC. The file received by the user through the torrent client becomes available to other people. Developers ask the owners of computers not to close the utility when a notification of the successful completion of the download process appears. Otherwise, other users will lose access to the file.

What does it mean "distributed in the torrent"?

On BitTorrent trackers the rating of participants is conducted. The more often the user shares films and music, the more points he gets. If the rating is low, the archive is no longer downloaded.

Beginners are lost in conjecture when they see that near the desired file is written "distributed in the torrent". What does this phrase mean? Distribution is the process of downloading files through torrent clients. The user can get any archive near which there is a similar status.

The more a person participates in the distribution, the higher the download speed. This is because every computer downloads a small part of the files.

The terms

Participants in the process call a person who has a full distribution, sitting. To get this status, you need to download all the archives. Sid understands all the nuances of working with BitTorrent trackers and knows what the status means "distributed in the torrent".

A person who uploads a piece of files is called a person. If the process does not involve the sid, then other users will not be able to download all the archives. Peers are any members of the distribution.

All the main questions concerning the system are considered. A user who understands what "hits a torrent" means, can go directly to working with applications.

Working with BitComet

After downloading, installing and running the utility, a window opens. The user needs to open the "files" section and select "create torrent". A toolbar with prompts appears.

After creating the torrent file, you must delete the task. Then you need to upload the object to the site and issue a distribution. The sequence of actions is described in the rules for using the BitTorrent tracker.

The user should create a new topic with a brief description of the archive, which will be posted on the Web. Then you need to attach a torrent file. Here you should specify the path to the folder with the archive. The torrent file created by the user must be uploaded. After the utility performs the test, the user name appears in the list of sidov.

Using μTorrent

After downloading the latest version of the application and the addition of the Language Pack, you can proceed with the installation. The user needs to save the crack in the folder with the startup file of the utility "utorrent.lng". When you install the program, you do not need to change the settings. If the user does not need advertised products, he can remove the marks on the relevant proposals.

After the installation process is complete, the application start window will appear. The user needs to open the "file" section and follow the "create torrent" link.

A new window will appear. Here you need to select a file and click on the "create and save" button. Then you need to confirm the action. The torrent file will be saved on the computer. It remains only to put it on any BitTorrent tracker.

Uploading files via the torrent client

If the user wants to download some archive from the site, then he must understand what it means "distributed in torrente". Then you need to download the torrent file. The program window will open automatically. In it, you must select the files and folder to save the downloads. After receiving confirmation, the utility will download the archives.

Meanwhile, the user can understand the settings of the program. In the toolbar are buttons that are responsible for stopping and continuing downloading through the torrent client. The main window contains all information on the current state. The user can see the total amount of archives, download speed and time until the process is complete. To open the "files" section, you need to click on the distribution and go to the appropriate link.

On this page, the user can enable and disable the download using the context menu, and also give the archives a high priority. In this case, the important files will be downloaded first. If the user clicks the "do not download" link, the process will be terminated. To resume it, you must assign a file of any priority.

Recommendations on the use of programs

It should be noted that in some countries, torrent clients do not work. To solve the problem, you need to change the IP address of the personal computer.

Downloading files is performed in the background. The boot process does not require significant resources from the PC. Now the user knows what it means to "be distributed in the torrent". He can open a site, select several files to download and continue working with other utilities. The torrent client will download each archive in turn.

It is not recommended to use the program to purchase content that is not intended for free download. Otherwise, the computer owner will become an accomplice in pirated hands. If the user wants to remain in the ranks of law-abiding citizens, then he should only download legal content.

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