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What does a cricket eat in nature and in human habitation?

About what the cricket eats, where it lives and what can serve a person, this material narrates. Perhaps it will help those who decide to keep these insects at home, in the insectarium.

Why bred crickets?

People who are interested in entomology are often bred in special insectaria of a variety of insects. They observe their behavior, sometimes they are engaged in breeding. Crickets are no exception. And to insects feel most comfortable, you need to know what feeds the cricket, which prefers the temperature that is necessary for him to exist, except for eating and drinking.

Most often, all the same, modern people are engaged in breeding various insects in order to feed them other pets: birds, reptiles, small predators, for example, hedgehogs.

"A cheerful company sits behind a stove and, singing a song, wiggles its mustache!"

Half a century ago, a song about four inseparable cockroaches and a cricket that lived behind an oven by an old man was very popular. What did not the poor grandfather do to get rid of annoying lodgers? But nothing helped. He even at the end of the song blew up his oven with dynamite. But it did not help either. According to the author of the hit of the last century, an inseparable company was sitting on a pile of stones and joyfully greeted his neighbor.

A song is a song, but in fact it is based on some facts. And in my head there are questions. Why did not this company please the elderly man? And why did the cricket suddenly become friends with the cockroaches? We will try to find answers to them.

Why do most people not enjoy the neighborhood of crickets?

For what people hate the neighborhood of cockroaches, they know practically everything. And how did the old man not like the cricket? Maybe it was the chattering in the middle of the night, because it's not always pleasant for everyone.

The answer to both the first and the second question will immediately be the assumption that the behavior of cockroaches and crickets in a human dwelling is the same. After all, both insects climb on tables, crawl into breadcrumbs, trash cans, crevices between pots and lids, in packages with cookies, sausage, cheese, in short, spoil the food, leaving their traces on them, eating even here and there quite Notable notches.

Experts argue that if a large number of cockroaches or crickets are divorced in a room that they will not be able to eat enough, they can nibble at night small pieces of skin, for example, from the toes.

Here comes the question: what does a cricket eat? Does he like human food just like a cockroach?

What does the cricket eat?

The fact that crickets are friendly to cockroaches is a complete fiction. They can not peacefully treat each other, because they eat the same thing. So, to the question what the cricket is eating, the answer will be short enough: everything. This insect is omnivorous.

For those who do not know what feeds crickets in nature, you can imagine a fairly long list. The main food of insects are materials of plant origin.

Also, crickets are not disdained by small representatives of the invertebrate class. And if a corpse of a creature suddenly appears on their way, then they will not fail to profit. In fodder, these insects can exhibit the features of cannibalism. Yes Yes! Adult individuals, in order to satisfy their hunger, do not stop attacking younger and weaker brothers, devouring them. Yes, and the laying of eggs, they will not leave without attention, not even caring about the fact that by their act they reduce the future offspring of their kind.

It is clear that the bite in the case of which the edge of a human finger, inadvertently leaning out from under the blanket at night, for a cricket, as for a cockroach, is not an easy matter. Especially if this "careless" master suddenly began to observe absolute cleanliness and order, he hid all the products and stopped leaving crumbs, drops of liquids, pieces or stalks of fruits, vegetables and other delicacies delicious for omnivorous insects on the table.

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