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What can I remove from the C: tips

We'll talk with you about what you can remove from the C drive and what not. In addition, we will learn how to free you with space on a hard drive so that such cleansing does not cause us problems. Let us begin our study of our question as soon as possible.

What is a C drive?

But before that it is worth discussing what the system drive C is, and how it differs from all others. In addition, you will have to think carefully about why cleaning this place can bring a lot of trouble to many users. In particular, to beginners.

If you are thinking about what you can remove from the C drive, you should understand that this section is an important part of your operating system. This means that you must treat it with extreme caution. Why? Yes, all due to the fact that any careless action can lead to the collapse of the system.

So, before thinking about what you can delete on the C system disk, you need to know that the Windows folder is best left untouched. As it is easy to guess, it is in it is our "operatsionka." True, there are exceptions. We'll talk about them later. In the meantime, let's see what is usually cleared.

Older programs

The first thing that only you have to remove, if you have a huge need for an empty space on the C drive are, of course, old programs. However, you do not need to get into My Computer and just delete the data folders. In this case, the "Control Panel" will help us.

Go to this service, and then select "Add / Remove Programs." Before you pop a window in which a list of all installed content will be displayed. Now look at it carefully and think carefully about what you can remove from the C drive (from your programs). Select the objects, then click on them with the right mouse button, and then select the "Delete" function. Wait until the process is over and look at the result. As a rule, you will have a little bit of a place. However, not only this content can be erased. Let's try to figure out what can be removed from the disk in addition to the old programs.


For modern users, the lack of space on the hard drive is often associated with overcrowding in a variety of games. It does not matter what they are online or not. The main thing that places such content takes a lot. Especially if it was downloaded from the Internet. After all, the so-called installer (installer) is added to the common place occupied.

Do you think that you can delete from drive C? Then clean the toys that were installed in this section. This will help you all the same "Control Panel". Open it, then wait for the download of the content list, and now clear unnecessary games. In a pinch, you can reinstall them to another partition. So you get a good opportunity to free up space on the system disk.

Do not forget to also remove the installers for the toys. It's best to write them to a removable media so you do not have to download files again and again. Such a move will save you for a long time from the lack of space on your hard drive. But this is not all the techniques used. There are a couple of moves that will definitely help you deal with the lack of space.


The manual for cleaning the hard disk from debris continues. Now you should pay attention to a place like "Downloads" of your browser. Typically, this daddy is on disk C and gradually filled. At the same time, users do not even think about cleaning in this place.

But if you forget about the folder "Downloads", you can think about where to take a free place for the proper functioning of the computer. Especially when the operating system starts to give us messages "Few disk space C". As a rule, such alerts can cause panic in any user.

What can I remove from the C drive from the Downloads folder that applies to your browser? Honestly, absolutely everything. Especially if all the downloaded data has already been transferred somewhere. If not, it is recommended that you transfer the uploaded files to a location where they will not interfere, and then highlight all the contents of the folder and erase them at once. Many users note that this action helped to free up a decent space in the system partition.

Old Data

The next objects to be cleaned are usually old user data. It's about personal information: photos, pictures, videos, music and so on. True, very few people store such files in the system partition. Nevertheless, sometimes there is such.

If you are thinking how to free up space on your computer, then try to write down personal data that you do not use on any media (good "blanks" and removable hard drives). After that, you can erase everything that just was subject to recording.

Modern photos and video files, as a rule, are of special quality, and, hence, their volume. So you can be sure - a similar move will help you to clear the lion's share of gigabytes (and even terabytes) on the computer. The main thing here is a careful record of everything that matters to you, to a third-party medium.

Virtual Disks

Sometimes users are interested in: "Can I delete Yandex.Disk and other" virtuals "to make room on the computer?" The answer is quite simple - there is such an opportunity. It does not hurt the data recorded in the "cloud", and even helps you when cleaning the system partition of the hard drive.

True, you should not be happy here. The thing is that when you delete, say, the same "Yandex.Disk", you erase as much space as the "weighs" the program itself. But not the amount of gigabytes, which is recorded in this "prog". So you can free up a couple of megabytes. And that's all.

If virtual cloud disks are used frequently, and even in the root folder, you constantly drop more and more files, that is, meaning to reinstall the content to a more spacious partition. So, when the operating system crashes, you will not lose important files.


Well, now let's move with you to a more interesting and intriguing topic. Now we are talking about cleaning your computer from viruses. After all, often they fill the system partition, and then start destroying the Windows folder.

What can I remove from the C drive? As already mentioned, the virus. But how to do it right? Any anti-virus program will help you. However, it is best to use Dr.Web, Avast or Nod32. These are the real leaders in the fight against computer infection.

So, check the operating system for viruses. This will help deep scanning. After that, click on "Cure". Most files are usually subject to treatment, but it also happens that some data can not be saved. If you are thinking about how to remove viruses and free up space on your computer, click the "Delete" button in the antivirus software. It will appear after the scan is completed.

From which drive can you remove computer infection in this way? Honestly, with anyone. Select the settings to perform the scan, scan a particular partition and clean the computer of the detected viruses. Nothing complicated. However, there is one more little device that will help users deal with the deficit of free space.

Temporary files

Our theme "What can be removed from the CD C: advice to everyone" continues. Now we come up with you, perhaps, to the most interesting point, which very often occupies a central role after issuing the message: "There is not enough space on the system drive C". It's about cleaning the computer of so-called temporary files.

Every time you perform certain actions in the operating system, they are recorded and recorded. Some of these records are deleted by themselves after the computer restarts, but some remain. And they accumulate. Again and again.

The downloaded movies, browser settings and various reports - all this is hidden in the section of the drive C. Try to get rid of this garbage in a timely manner. It is best to conduct a kind of cleaning once a month. With active video viewing - every 2 weeks.

In this situation, as a rule, resort to the use of special programs. For example, CCleaner. Download, install and use. It is enough to tick the check box in the settings for the location, and then click on "Scan". A few seconds - and the test is complete. Now you just need to click on "Cleanup". Are you ready? You can see what happened - literally in two clicks you will free up a lot of space on your hard drive.


It's time to sum up. We learned what you can remove from the disk with the sake of freeing up space. With all this, we now know how to carry out this action without any harm to the operating system.

However, it remains to give one small tip: when you pop-up the message "Not enough free space", start by clearing the computer of temporary files. As a rule, this action is a natural leader for the liberation of gigabytes.

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