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Wax strips: positive reviews

The international trade mark Veet ("Vit") for 80 years has been in the lead in the rating of depilation tools. The company "Reckitt Benckiser" constantly improves its products to ensure its safety and efficiency. With "Vit" everyone can choose a comfortable method of depilation. Hair removal wax is suitable for those who have a high pain threshold, depilatory cream uses consumers with more sensitive skin.

Wax strips

Feedback satisfied customers say that the way to remove hair with wax is the easiest and fastest. If it is often used, the hairs become thinner, they become smaller. Strips of wax immediately ready for use. You can choose them according to the field of application (legs, face, bikini zone, armpits) and skin type. Wit stripes designed for hair removal on the feet , reviews of which speak of really smooth skin for 4 weeks, are divided into several types, taking into account the type of skin. Strips for normal skin contain shea butter and berries extracts, for dry - aloe vera and lotus milk, for sensitive - vitamin D and almond oil. Thanks to the new technology of the "Vit" series Suprem'Essence, which contains essential oils, as well as components for moisturizing and nourishing the skin, you can achieve an excellent result by removing hairs of only 2 mm in length and making the skin silky and smooth.

Wax stripes for the Veet Bikini Zone

The zone of armpits and bikini is especially sensitive and requires special attention in the depilation process. "Vit" offers special tools designed to remove hairs in these delicate places, which simultaneously give and care for the skin. If you use a razor, then there is a high probability of ingrown hairs. Wax strips "Vit", reviews of which it confirms, do not leave sharp tips of hair, as when shaving. Removing the hair in this way reduces the risk of discomfort associated with their ingrowth. The convenient shape of the strips makes it easy and quick to make the skin smooth.

Veet Wax Strips

This tool is specially designed to remove hairs on the face. With it, you can do depilation on small areas of the skin. To achieve good results, the hairs should not be longer than 5 mm, and the skin should not be inflamed. Before each use, make a test for the sensitivity of the surface to be treated. Do not use the same strip on the same section twice during the same session and do not go out to the sun immediately after depilation. It can injure the skin and irritation will appear on it. Wit stripes "Vit", reviews about which, when properly applied, are positive, for a long time will save you from unwanted hair on your face.

The kit includes moisturizing wipes that complete the procedure. Use ready-made strips of wax is very convenient, since there is no need to waste time preparing the skin. Their regular use leads to the fact that waxing hair grows less often and becomes thin, which means that the skin will be smooth and even for a long time.

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