Waterproof LED tape with your hands.

LED strip is widely used in almost all industries, where high-quality lighting is required with little electricity consumption. It is also often used for making advertising stands and for tuning elements. In most cases, such a tape is simply bought in specialized stores, but for specific purposes and as an economy, an LED ribbon is made by oneself.

Homemade LED strip can be made according to individual requirements and taking into account specific characteristics of the place of application. In this case, you can set a certain distance between the LEDs and select their color, which in most cases matters.

The waterproof LED strip with its own hands is made using three-volt LEDs, which are attached to strips of textolite, plastic or any other material - it can have certain properties. For example, you can take a strip of getinaks length of about 0.5 meters and a width of 1 cm. When using this material, a flexible LED strip is obtained, equipped with the ability to memorize the shape given to it. A band of colored plastic can be attached to the tape of the getinax, which will serve as a light filter.

In such a strip it is necessary to make holes with a diameter of 0.5 cm for the installation of LEDs. In this case, the distance between the holes should be chosen at their own discretion and depending on the need. Usually in such a strip of 0.5 meter long, the placement of sixteen LEDs is considered optimal, since it is in this design that you can get the most accurate lighting and beautiful visual effect.

When the LED strip is manufactured by one's own hands, it is necessary to accurately calculate the resistance of the entire LED circuit. When using sixteen LEDs with a voltage of 3 volts, you should connect them in a chain in series of four pieces. In this way, four separate electrical circuits are obtained from the four LEDs, which are all connected in parallel. This LED strip is designed for a voltage of 12 volts.

After connecting all the LEDs and placing them in the holes on the strip, the LED strip, manufactured by hand, must be tested. It is necessary to connect electricity and make sure that all the diodes are working. If everything was done correctly, then no problems should arise.

In fact, everything is ready, but we require a waterproof LED tape, and this device can get damaged if it gets wet. Therefore, it is necessary to take a shrink tube or a hose made of transparent materials, and put it on the finished tape. After that, using a construction hair dryer, the pipe should be heated until it is tightly wrapped around the entire strip. It is worth noting that before using the hair dryer, you need to make sure that the contacts to which the power is connected are located outside the pipe.

After shrinkage by the hair dryer, the ends of the pipe can be sealed, leaving the wires for connection from the outside. After that, the moisture-resistant LED tape is ready for use.

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