Portable game consoles - what is it?

In the last few years, the gaming industry is actively developing. Cyber-sports tournaments with huge prize funds are held, a lot of games appear in the light, whose budget is several times greater than the most popular Hollywood blockbusters. The development of the industry also had a significant impact on the creation of new technologies. A vivid example of this - portable game consoles. What it is? You will receive answers to questions by reading this article.

Portable gaming systems

Initially, for video games, only specialized electronic devices called the console (in the common people - prefix) were used. They were connected to the TV, they were quite cumbersome. However, soon the market trends and the desire of consumers changed. So there were portable game consoles.

What is the difference between a portable gaming system and a full-fledged console? First of all, the size. Portable game consoles (a review of the most popular models you can find below) are very compact and mobile. They can be taken with you wherever you go, because the portable console easily fits into your pocket. How did you achieve such compactness? It's pretty simple. As a rule, the screen, sound reproducing elements and joystick are already built in portable game consoles. But this is where the main problem of portable systems - power. To make the device compact, you have to sacrifice "stuffing". Therefore, in comparison with the classic consoles, portable devices are less productive.

The best portable game consoles

"Sony" and "Nintendo" - eternal rivals in the field of gaming equipment. Both companies have their own series of portable consoles. It's about them that we'll talk about in this part of the article.

PSP - the brainchild of the company "Sony", which was published on May 11, 2004. The main advantages of this console are high-quality widescreen screen, the ability to connect to the Internet, the presence of multimedia functions (through the console you can watch movies, listen to music, etc.), interact with other consoles from Sony (for example, with PlayStation 3) . Another feature of this device is innovation. Experts from Sony used the latest technologies, thanks to which the PSP has incredible performance. In addition, a great variety of games is pleasing. On the PSP there are shooters, arcades, quests, slashers, races and lots of other genres.

Nintendo DS - a portable from the Japanese company "Nintendo", which was released back in 2004. Despite the outdated hardware, the console has been successfully sold to this day. One of the main features of the console - the division into two screens. One screen displays information, the second (touch) is required for data input via fingers or a special stylus. In addition, there is a classic set of keys (a cross, buttons A, B, X, Y, Start, etc.). At most, the console is focused on the Japanese market. If we talk about stuffing, then DS is less productive than PSP. But nevertheless for many years, the prefix "Nintendo" competed with the brainchild of "Sonya". What is the secret of such popularity? The answer is simple - the game. On the DS come the legendary series of games like "The Legend of Zelda", "Mario", "Pokemon", etc. This is what makes many gamers make their choice in favor of Nintendo products.

Portable game consoles: public feedback

Both consoles had both advantages and disadvantages. Despite this, they were sold in huge numbers. In the period from 2006 to 2010, portable game consoles were at the peak of their popularity. They were bought more often than stationary consoles. However, unfortunately, at the moment, portable consoles slowly but surely perish. What is the reason for such a recession? You will find out the answer to this question after reading this article to the end.

Modern portable consoles

PlayStaton Vita - the ideological heiress of the legendary PSP. The new console "Sony", like its predecessor, has incredible performance. This allows you to run very heavy, demanding games. Multimedia features have also been refined. In addition, the availability of innovative technologies is encouraging. What is only the function of the additional reality, which is implemented by the built-in camera! But, despite all this, the console is dead. Sales below the plinth, and the "Sony" themselves abandoned the console and stopped releasing exclusive games on it.

Nintendo 3DS - portable console of the current generation. The new console has become much better in terms of technology. One of the main features of the console is the ability to create a three-dimensional image effect without any glasses of virtual reality. 3DS is sold much better than Vita. Nevertheless, the console does not bring much profit and is almost unprofitable.


The time of game consoles has already passed. Why is that? The fault of all this is the emergence of smartphones. Modern phones are capable of running demanding games without any problems. Accordingly, the need for portable gaming consoles completely disappears.

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