Velvet is a fabric for aristocrats

It's no secret that some products attract attention to themselves thanks to only one material from which they are made. These include velvet - a fabric that has long been valued in aristocratic society. Any lady turns into a queen of the evening, if her outfit is made of velvet, because it emphasizes luxury and dignity by its appearance.

Description of the material

Velvet is a fabric that has a fairly dense vertical pile of short length on the front side. Also added is a base made of natural silk or synthetic fibers.

What properties does velvet have? If it is made solely from silk fibers, then such a material has a lot of advantages. These include the fact that velvet things can maintain their properties for many years. Also velvet can absorb a lot of moisture, but it dries a little longer than silk.

In addition, experts identify the following positive characteristics of the tissue described:

  • Does not cause allergic reactions;
  • Does not lose its original appearance after long operation;
  • Does not electrify and does not attract dust;
  • Has a beautiful appearance due to the overflow of fibers, is well suited for draperies.

It is worth noting that velvet is a fabric that can be safely sent to laundry, as it does not shrink. Such clothes perfectly retains heat, practically does not crumple and does not require constant ironing. The fabric allows air to penetrate, so the skin breathes freely.

Historical background

It is generally believed that the historical homeland of velvet is Italy. In this country in the XIII century, the production of material began. Initially, the cost was so great that everyone knew perfectly well that velvet is a fabric, dresses from which are sewn solely for noble persons. Even now, royal robes are made from it.

In Russia, first velvet linen was wrapped around special books, where information was brought about noble families. Also this material was adorned with walls in the royal chambers and even the throne. Russian empresses, as depicted in many portraits, preferred outfits from this pleasant fabric.

Later, the price of velvet fell, and with it temporarily lost interest. But in the twentieth century, the fashion for such things comes back. From velvet everywhere began to sew clothes for both women and men. And now the representatives of the stronger sex put on a jacket made of this fabric for publication. Despite the fact that in the trend of many types of fabrics, velvet among them occupies one of the first places of honor.

How to produce?

The technology of manufacturing the "royal" fabric is very complicated, which explains its high cost. First, the canvas is produced in two layers, which are held in pile velvet. Then, on a special machine, it is separated with a very sharp knife. The color of the material occurs in small batches. But the treatment is different, depending on what qualities the fabric should have. At the output it is possible to obtain an irreversible variant, fireproof, Teflon, etc.

Traditionally, velvet is a solid color of deep deep color. But sometimes patterns are applied to it. To create them use a variety of ways, including embroidery, pattern printing, patterned weaving and even chemical effects.

Articles made of velvet

Many fashion experts appreciate velvet for its elegant appearance, and the owners of clothes from this material adore him for soft sensations. However, when sewing with this fabric should be treated very carefully. Velvet is not easy to process, therefore in products try not to use a lot of fasteners, buttons, darts and other things so as not to spoil the material.

This beautiful material is often used for upholstery of sofas, armchairs and walls. Among the designers of the interior there is an opinion that velvet is a fabric that gives a gloss to any room and piece of furniture.

What is usually sewed from velvet for a wardrobe? Traditionally, this evening dresses, skirts, jackets, jackets, as well as home textiles, curtains, etc. Recently, this material is created not only dresses for celebrations, but also for everyday wearing. For example, women of fashion wear a velvet jacket over a T-shirt and finish the image with jeans. And if you want to create an exquisite picture, you can combine a blouse and a narrow velvet skirt.

How to care?

Any natural fabric (velvet, silk, etc.) requires careful attitude and special care. Of course, with velvet things are more complicated, because it is subject to environmental influences. As for washing, you should choose only a gentle mode on the typewriter, otherwise the fabric can be spoiled. And even better - to wash by hand, without twisting at the end.

For correct storage, it is recommended to hang items on shoulders, and if folded, then only on the wrong side. To iron is better on weight, by steaming the steam and pre-sprinkling the water in the wrong side. Ironing follows along the hinges, so that the fabric does not stretch.

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