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Useful properties of baking soda for human health

The history of the use of soda (sodium bicarbonate) begins from ancient times. It is known that its medicinal properties were used in the life of the inhabitants of Rome and Egypt. This substance was extracted in the dry lakes of the Wadi Natrun valley. At present, the production of baking soda is adjusted from table salt. In the modern world there are more than three hundred different ways of using this substance.

The use of baking soda lies primarily in its naturalness. This product is effective, but at the same time non-toxic, allowing it to be used to remove dirt and eliminate odors, to whiten and give freshness.

Useful properties of baking soda are used for cosmetic purposes. This product is often added to a gel or foam designed to cleanse the skin. This results in an effective face scrub. Its use will remove dead cells, gently cleanse the skin, and give it a healthy shine and freshness. Adding soda to various cosmetics for facial cleansing helps to remove irritations.

Sodium bicarbonate is used for an effective mask against acne. For its preparation, mix 1 tsp. Soda with two tablespoons of flour. The mask is applied to the face, previously cleaned, once a week. It helps the soda solution from the bags formed under the eyes. To eliminate them, the tampon, soaked in a solution, is kept on the eyelids for 15 minutes.

Useful properties of baking soda are used to make hair shine and softness. Sodium bicarbonate is mixed in a 1: 4 ratio with water and added to the shampoo. Soda is also recommended for teeth whitening. To do this, a pinch of the product should be added to the toothpaste. The resulting product gently whitens the enamel without damaging it.

Useful properties of baking soda are used to remove unpleasant odors that have arisen in the refrigerator. A similar property of sodium hydrogencarbonate also manifests itself in relation to the human body. When rinsing the mouth with soda solution, you can eliminate the discomfort that causes discomfort. Procedures should be performed several times during the day. Soda solution will also help to remove the smell of the armpits and legs.

Useful properties of baking soda are used in the treatment of a variety of diseases. People's medicine men recommend the use of a natural product to eliminate heartburn. Sodium hydrogencarbonate neutralizes hydrochloric acid, which facilitates the human condition. However, in the event that baking soda is often used for these purposes , the harm from its use will be the violation of the acid-base balance. This is due to the absorption of sodium in the blood accumulated in the body of sodium bicarbonate.

Often, soda is used in the treatment of colds and infectious diseases as an excellent expectorant. It is dissolved in water and rinsing procedures are performed. Soda inhalations are treated with a cold, and the solution of this substance, which is buried in the nose, perfectly helps with the common cold. Sodium bicarbonate is effective in treating thrush, and gruel from baking soda perfectly eliminates itching from insect bites.

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