Factory of bakery products "Dedovski bread": history, products, address

Bread factory "Dedovski bread" is known in the capital region as a producer of bakery products of excellent quality. Batons, "bricks", fragrant buns, Easter cakes, cakes, wafers are in constant demand among consumers. The key to success lies in the strict observance of GOSTs and technological norms laid down in the 80s of the last century. The products are baked on modern equipment.

Historical reference

In 1970, in the city of Dedovsk, Istra district of the Moscow region, the construction of a new bread-baking plant with a daily output of up to 65 tons of bakery products began. The first loaf was baked on March 20, this date is considered the Birthday of the enterprise. Production was small: on six production lines there were only 150 employees. Modest assortment did not even cover up to 20 items.

In 1980, the management of the company was transferred to Valentina Gorbunova, under which the plant "Dedovski bread" was transformed. With it, the quality of products increased: for wheat loaves, black "Borodinsky", waffles and fragrant buns people specially came from the district center and even from Moscow. This period includes the creation of a transport department, waffle and confectionery production. Was deployed its own small trading network, not only in Dedovsk, but also neighboring settlements.

The continuity of generations

And today's director Igor Glukhovtsev preserves carefully accumulated traditions. Grandfather's bread still has the same crisp crust and tender flesh. The enterprise is well-groomed, the facade of the buildings and the interior decoration of the workshops have been repaired. Technological production is constantly being improved, equipment is being updated. One of the major modernization projects was the construction of a silo for bulk flour storage in cooperation with Agro-3.

Today, more than 400 workers work at the bakery plant. Although seasonal productivity has decreased compared to the old times to 30-40 tons of bread, the range of products has grown incomparably and exceeded 180 names. Moreover, each of the products is still baked with love. Especially famous grandfather waffles, cakes and cakes.


Work in market conditions showed that the bulk grades of bakery products are less popular than before. The variety of assortment comes first. It is not enough to produce 2-3 types of loaves and the same amount of black bread. Realizing this, the Dedovskiy bread-baking plant is constantly searching for new recipes and improving old ones. In this case, the quality corresponds to GOSTs and accepted technical conditions.

The main products include:

  • Bread, basic and varietal;
  • Baking;
  • Cakes, cakes, rolls, muffins;
  • Biscuits, bread, marmalade, gingerbread, waffles;
  • Dough, crumbs for breading, flour;
  • Cakes (including wedding under the order), karavai.

Easter magic

By the way, the cakes on the "Dedovski bread" are made more labor-consuming by a sponge way. Although the production time from 1-2 hours increased to 4-5, but the quality is incomparably high: the dough is very lush, the pulp is harder, the taste lasts much longer. Opar method allows you to abandon the "fashion" additives, accelerators and baking powder. The basic composition of Easter cakes includes only water, yeast, flour and a few eggs (for better fermentation).

After four hours of excrement, they form cakes. Beforehand, sugar and natural ingredients are added to the mass to give flavor, aroma and color: candied fruits, raisins, oil, powder, glaze - fantasy is not limited. Actually, the baking is carried out in two types of furnaces: rotary and in-line. In each lot, up to 200 items are prepared. After 60 minutes from the stoves they get ready-made incredibly fragrant kulichiki.


The first step in the process chain is the determination of the characteristics of the raw materials supplied. Quality control at the factory "Dedovski bread" is carried out by our own certified laboratory. Particular attention is given to assessing the quality of flour. Experts determine its humidity, characteristics and the amount of gluten. If the raw materials do not meet the required performance, it will never be used in the plant.

To check the so-called falling number, a special PWP-7 device is used. This indicator allows you to control the quality of grain and finished flour. Also in the laboratory, the finished bakery products are examined for compliance with technical conditions, sanitary and hygienic standards and other standards. The passed control of raw materials is unloaded on a warehouse of bulk storage.


Immediately after the foundation of the company in 1970, the products were sold exclusively in the Istra district of the Moscow region. However, in recent decades marketing policy has radically changed. Today, bread from the grandfather bakers can be purchased in most Moscow and Moscow stores.

The products are distributed daily by 60 cars of the factory fleet, and the minimum lot is only 4 trays of any products. Provided self-delivery from 2 trays. Address of the bakery: 243530, Moscow region., Istra district, city of Dedovsk, st. The first home, corp. 2.

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