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Uglich is very often visited by tourists, as it is a city entering the Golden Ring. Numerous monuments and samples of Russian architecture are preserved here. All sorts of festivals are held regularly in the city, among them the most famous is the annual sports festival "Winter Fun". Due to its historical and natural heritage Uglich takes an incredible number of tourists.

Guests are always welcome here. In the city, large and not very large hotels have been built, all kinds of Uglich hotels have been opened, as well as country holiday homes of various price categories. In addition, you can rent an apartment for rent in a simple high-rise building or stay overnight in a guest house.

This article will be useful for those who are planning a trip to Uglich, hotels, hotels which are pleased with their diversity. Then you will get all the necessary information.

Hotel Uglich

In the city of Uglich the hotel (reviews about them can also be read in this article) are striking in their diversity. So, the eponymous hotel "Uglich" is located in the center. Judging by the reviews, low prices, cozy rooms and friendly staff will allow you to relax with comfort and enjoy all the sights of the city.

There is a large selection of rooms, among which everyone can find one that he will have to taste.

Hotel complex "Chaika"

Hotel "Chaika" is located in the heart of Uglich. "Seagull" has a rich number of rooms and a huge number of various services. The excellent location of this hotel Uglich (photo below) allows its guests to get there without problems to the desired destination.

Reading reviews, you can find out that comfortable rooms of the institution, equipped with everything that is necessary for a proper rest, cozy home-like atmosphere, cleanliness are those important components that attract a huge number of clients. Attentive, friendly and highly qualified staff will be able to answer all the questions that arise concerning placement, and also your holiday will make it pleasant.

Hotel «Voznesenskaya»

Hotel "Voznesenskaya" is located in the heart of one of the most ancient cities of Russia, near the Uglich Kremlin and the Volga River. It received its name in honor of the now existing Church of the Ascension of the Lord. This church was erected in the Filippovskaya Square in the 16th century, and in 1937 it was destroyed.

Reading reviews about this hotel Uglich, you can find out that Voznesenskaya is a cozy, new, comfortable hotel, in which everything is perfectly thought out. It is located in an old quiet street, far from the noise of the city.

Hotel "Volzhskaya Riviera"

It is easy to find hotels in the town of Uglich on the banks of the Volga. Hotel "Volzhskaya Riviera" is one of the best here. The institution operates a flexible system of special offers and discounts, which will please all guests. Friendly staff will certainly help you in any matter, as many reviews say.

Room service and service here at altitude. The hotel staff organizes with pleasure a tour of the sights of the region and the city. The establishment created a range of additional services that can brighten up your pastime - a souvenir and jewelry salon, as well as a cinema.

Hotel «Uspenskaya», Uglich, Yaroslavl region

Hotels here are in great demand among all visitors to the city. "Assumption" is not an exception. It has already won the reputation of an excellent hotel with highly qualified staff. The rooms of the institution enjoy impeccable cleanliness, comfort and coziness, they have everything that is necessary for any modern person, as many reviews say.

Due to the convenient location of the guests of this hotel Uglich can easily reach their destination. At the same time, from the windows of the rooms the hotel guests enjoy a stunning view of the Great Volga.

Mini-hotel "Fleur"

Hotel "Fleur" attracts attention only with one name only. Once inside, you immediately make sure that you do not miss when choosing this hotel.

Uglich city attracts many tourists. In this hotel they have the opportunity to combine a comfortable holiday with a rich excursion program. This will certainly leave only the most pleasant impressions. Twelve comfortable rooms are equipped with everything that is necessary for a normal stay, as evidenced by numerous reviews.

Holiday Village "Breeze"

Holiday Village "Breeze" is located in the Yaroslavl region, 240 kilometers from Moscow, near the town of Uglich on the Volga coast. This location will allow guests to combine hunting, outdoor recreation, sightseeing of the city and fishing.

Reading reviews you can find out that here you can appreciate the comfort of living in an individual cottage or hotel and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Hotel «Moscow»

When considering Uglich hotels, one should also highlight this one. "Moscow" is one of the best hotels in the city. The original design of the building, erected in 2007, attracts a huge number of visitors. Near the hotel is the main attraction: the Uglich Kremlin. The institution has 47 comfortable rooms that contain everything you need for a good rest.

The hotel is designed for tourists, as well as for travel, as equipped with a meeting room, a conference room. Guests from his windows can watch the stunningly beautiful landscapes of the Volga, which they tell in their reviews.

Guest house «Terem»

This is a guest house that looks like a cottage. Inside the establishment each room has its own theme and its own unique design. Cleanliness is constantly maintained by means of a wet daily cleaning. In front of the house on the terrace, guests can cook any dishes on the grill, as they say in their reviews.

In this place you can relax with the whole family from the noise of the city. At the same time relax after a hard day will be in the sauna. In addition, the administrator can order an excursion, in which to get a lot of new information about Uglich.

Hotel "Hunting Base"

In the small village of Ulyanovo, near the ancient town of Uglich, is the hotel "Hunting Base". These are 2 spacious cottages that are ideal for a family holiday, as well as for friendly big companies. Cottages and furniture are made of wood. Each house has a living room, several bedrooms, a bath and a kitchen.

All furniture and appliances are modern and new, which you can learn by reading reviews about the institution. Bicycles, quad bikes and snowmobiles are available for guests. You can do fishing. The owner of the hotel in this will help to understand everyone, even a very inexperienced person.

Guest house «Kupechesky»

In the center of Uglich is the guest house "Kupechesky". It is made in the Russian antique style from the present log frame. Guests are offered a cottage with 5 bedrooms. You can relax in the living room, in which there is a TV, a comfortable sofa, as well as karaoke for people who like to sing.

For guests, a kitchen is available for self-preparation of dinners and lunches. It is equipped with all modern furniture and appliances: a refrigerator, a stove, a kitchen set, an electric kettle, kitchen utensils and a huge dining table. Judging by the reviews, one of the owners is constantly living here, who will meet you with all their heart, and also answer any question that has arisen.

There are 5 bedrooms in total. In the first are:

  • 2 single beds (or a double bed);
  • Bedside tables ;
  • sofa;
  • TV;
  • cupboard;
  • satellite television.

In another:

  • 2 single beds (or a double bed);
  • bedside tables;
  • sofa;
  • TV;
  • cupboard.

In the third:

  • 2 single beds (or a double bed);
  • bedside tables;
  • sofa;
  • TV;
  • cupboard.

In the fourth:

  • 2 single beds (or a double bed);
  • bedside tables;
  • sofa;
  • TV;
  • cupboard.

In the fifth:

  • 2 single beds (or a double bed);
  • bedside tables;
  • sofa;
  • TV;
  • cupboard.

In the bathroom:

  • restroom;
  • Shower cabin;
  • Means of personal hygiene;
  • sink;
  • Hairdryer.

Mini-hotel "Inn of the Inn"

In the Yaroslavl region there is an ancient wonderful city of Uglich, where the hotel "Inn of the Inn" is located. Just a 5-minute walk from here the Volga River - here you can admire the water spaces and nature with a stunning seafront, which is what vacationers from this establishment like to enjoy, as can be judged by their reviews.

There are 4 spacious double rooms for guests. They gathered cozy and homely warmth. Each room is equipped with comfortable new furniture, soundproof windows and necessary equipment. On the territory of the institution there is a bathhouse. Employees of the "Inn of the court" are always happy to meet every guest and help him to orientate in the social and cultural life of the city.

Hotel Duk

When considering Uglich hotels with a swimming pool, you should highlight the hotel "Duk". It is located on the bank of the Volga. In this place visitors will find a two-storeyed furnished building with a landscaped landscape near the hotel and a stunning adjoining terrace. You are always ready to offer karaoke, rooms of different price categories, a billiard table.

The embankment of the river is located 100 meters from here. Vending machines with snacks and drinks are available. Judging by the reviews, staying here, you choose a wonderful vacation for affordable money.

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