Tomato President - Quality of Presidential Quality

We'll discuss right away, the article will deal with tomato, the grade of which is intended for industrial cultivation in conditions of greenhouses. But this does not mean that this variety can not be used when growing on its own plot and for personal consumption. Tomato President (full name of the brand II II F1), namely, I would like to tell you about this sort of specialty, was introduced as a professional hybrid for obtaining the most effective mass output of finished products with increased ability for gentle transportation.

For an experienced gardener, the target orientation of such a hybrid as the President's tomatoes becomes understandable. Speaking of the available language, the brand was originally intended for profitable sale and, therefore, must meet some mandatory in this case indicators. First of all, the tomato President must have a very attractive presentation, that is, its fruits should be quite large and "rosy-cheeked".

In fact, the variety of tomatoes the President is famous for, that the average weight of one fruit is from 200 to 300 g each. The color of this tomato does not cause doubts in its natural origin and does not differ exotic - quite bright and colorful shade of scarlet, characteristic of traditional tomato. The second condition for the hybrids of this destination is reliable transportability in conditions of transportation along our well-known all over the world roads. Therefore, the skin of a tomato should be sufficiently firm and firm, and the flesh is resistant to deformations. So it is, plus, the tomato itself has a round shape, flattened at the "poles".

The stability of tomatoes of this variety to all sorts of diseases is enviable, otherwise it would not have acquired such popularity among farmers. In a sense, Tomato President is the champion in timing of aging. The total time from planting in the open ground to the collection of ripe fruits is only 68-70 days. The specialist understands that if we plant seedlings in late January, then by mid-July we will get beautiful and mature tomatoes on the shelves of our bazaars and shops. In a word, a perfectly acceptable industrial grade, designed to please us with its fruits in the shortest possible time. Its main consumer purpose is the use of food in the form of salads and additives to the "young" borscht or as a raw material for the useful and beloved tomato juice.

There is some prejudiced attitude of the population towards vegetable products grown in an industrial way. Allegedly, hybrids of such varieties are almost genetically modified and completely insipid. It is difficult to judge from the point of view of a professional taster, but any specialist knows that the taste of any vegetable depends primarily on observing the technology of growing. As for the genetic nature of the origin of tomatoes of this variety, our hygiene institutes conducted a number of studies and confirmed that the tomato President is completely free from any genetic modifications and allowed to use it as a seed for our vegetable growers.

The fact that some of them can remove from one square meter of their greenhouses to thirty kilograms of tomato fruits thanks to this sort and do this for our needs all year round, only adds to this hybrid of attractiveness. A delicious tomato makes the art of cooks, able to cook the most delicious dishes from them. It is not for nothing that in the old Europe the tomatoes were given a second name, literally translated as "paradise apples", and the President with his size and juiciness of the fruit can surpass any apple.

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