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Toilet bowl with bidet: reviews, photos, rating, how to connect

The toilet is a familiar element of the bathroom or toilet. But the bidet is less common. Although those who installed it in their apartment, talk about the convenience of this sanitary and hygienic equipment. Often bidets are not used because of the lack of free space. But for such apartments there is an original solution - a toilet bowl together with a bidet function.


The toilet bowl looks like a familiar toilet bowl. If you look closely, you can see that the cup is a little longer, and the tank is bigger. It is there that the electronic equipment that controls the work of the bidet is located. It includes a heating device and several other devices.

Such toilet-bidets have a stationary nozzle or choke, which is put forward only before use. The second type is more convenient and hygienic.

Floor option

The floor toilet with bidet can be both expensive and budget.

Products priced at $ 1800 provide water of a certain temperature, blow the body parts with a hair dryer. You can control the processes with the help of the DPU. The microlift will smoothly lower the seat.

Budget models costing from $ 200 are deprived of these "bloat." In order for the water to be heated, it is necessary to connect the bidet to the pipes with hot water. If there is no such service in your apartment, you will have to be content with the cold.

Suspended toilet-bidet

They make it possible to save space in the toilet, simplify cleaning and improve the quality of hygiene procedures. Since the outlet sewer pipe is located above the floor level, so this plumbing is not so quickly soiled. Tanks of such toilet bowls are hidden from prying eyes for installation.

Do not be afraid that the device will fall under the weight of the seated owner. Suspended toilet-bidet can withstand loads up to 400 kg. This is facilitated by a solid metal frame on which it is attached.

To make it easier to connect the electronic part to the network, in some models a corrugated pipe and a jar are provided.

Suspended toilet-bidets are becoming more popular every day, the number of their sales is constantly increasing.

Operating principle

Consider the toilet with a bidet together (photos presented in the article, this modern device demonstrates), in which water is heated by an electric heater.

With the help of the knob-regulator the desired temperature is set, usually not more than 40 degrees. By pressing the desired button, you will activate the handset. From the sprayer, which is located on its end, the water will flow with a fountain. The degree of pressure can be adjusted and reach 7 modes.

The washing can be uniform, pulsating, vibrating.

Many models have a hairdryer.


It can vary depending on the type of toilet - floor or wall.

Consider the toilet with bidet together. How to connect it to the mains?

The cup itself is installed in the same way as a normal toilet bowl. The main difficulty is connecting the electric heater to the network. After all, improper connection can lead to the fact that during the procedure you can be electrocuted.

At connection it is necessary to observe such rules:

  • Grounding is required.

  • The residual current device (RCD) disconnects the device after reaching a certain level of the differential current.

  • To the bidet electric heater, the wiring is carried out separately, without connecting to existing lines.

Alternatives to the electronic bidet

The toilet bowl, along with the bidet of the budget variant, requires the installation of a separate mixer, which will supply water with a separate tube.

The thermostatic mixer automatically monitors the water temperature. Usually it does not exceed 40 degrees. It is heated for 5 minutes. Start it with a lever that regulates the head. His watering can is replaced with a spray.

There is another alternative to the bidet. This is a separate shower tube, installed directly near the toilet. The temperature there depends on the presence of hot water in the apartment.

Bidet cover

You can get the toilet bowl with a bidet with a special lid. This is a separate device, which is available in three types: round, short and long. This allows you to place it on a toilet bowl of any size and shape. Often, the manufacturing firm does not matter. The lid is put on the rim of the toilet bowl and functions as a bidet.

She may be:

  • Mechanical;
  • E.

The first connect to the pipes of cold and hot water, electricity. Inside, simple models (from $ 200) are equipped with instruments that regulate the temperature by a tube. The main part is a mixer.

These devices are not worse than the combined devices. A significant number of functions and a small boiler will make the toilet with bidet together comfortable to use. The price of it, respectively, will be higher.

Such covers have a system for setting temperature conditions. Liquid soap can be added to the water. In many covers there is a function of hydro and aeromassage.

The lid is closed smoothly with a microlift, the drainage is automatic.

Ultra-violet rays of illumination disinfect air and working surfaces of a toilet bowl.

The advantage of the lid is that you do not need to buy and install a new toilet.

Length of departure

Models, in which the nozzle is not fixed permanently, but leaves during use, differ in the length of its departure. The degree of adjustment of this parameter can also be up to seven.

It is possible to choose the pendulum mode. They can be used during medical procedures with herbal infusions.

With the help of the toilet-bidet, you can even put enemas.


Developers of new models take into account the need for constant surface cleaning. Modern toilet-bidet can clean itself:

  • Working surfaces;

  • An injector;

  • Cleans and refreshes the air.

Helps preserve the purity of the antibacterial coating with silver in the composition.

Tips for choosing

Buying one of the described devices, you need to pay special attention to:

  • Quality of the mixer. It turns out to be a weak link, due to which it is necessary to repair or completely change the toilet with bidet.

  • The presence of a temperature sensor allows you to monitor and quickly change it. Its absence can lead even to burns.

  • Sprayer watering can better be taken with a nozzle, which is regulated. It will help adjust the thickness of the water jet and direct it in the desired direction.

Advantages and disadvantages

With the pluses it is clear. The toilet-bidet saves space, and the process of using it can be comfortable and enjoyable.

The drawback of this device is its low hygiene. After all, if you use the bidet immediately after using the toilet, ensure the purity of the bowl will be problematic. Therefore, not everyone decides to replace a full-fledged bidet with a combined device.


Among the popular brands of toilet-bidets are:

  • Ideal Standart (Germany). The device of this company is called the best toilet with bidet function. The horizontal drain ensures a qualitative cleaning of the bowl. A lifetime guarantee of sanitation means high quality.

  • Geberit (Switzerland).

  • Laguraty - Italian products. There are complaints from customers on the poor drain of such devices.

  • Sanindusa - Portuguese models of Sanitaryware.

  • SensPam - Japanese models with full logical control, are produced in Korea. They themselves drain the water, reacting to the sensor. You can use a remote drain. A large number of options for washing, including general, female, enema, pulsating, massage, blown warm air. The nozzles are cleaned automatically before and after use. Saves water, electricity, regulates water temperature and seating. He diagnoses the problem himself, moreover he also informs about them in Russian. Created from materials of a new generation, durable. It is well cleaned of dirt and rust.

  • The rating of the toilet with bidet together continues an interesting model. A bidet with a toilet and a bench, made of waterproof wood or composite material. They say that it can be used as a washing board or a deck chair. True, it is not entirely clear why lying on top of the toilet or how to wash it. Producers argue that its function is decorative. The model is produced by the Russian company KERAMA MARAZZI, the distributor of the Italian brand HATRIA. This product, created by an Italian designer, was called G-Full. The complement to G-Full can be a shell of the same company, shelves for the color of the bench. Plums close the drawer-container.

There are models with obvious excesses, such, for example, as MP3-player. But in general, we can say that the currently popular toilet-bidet - a magical invention that raises the standard of living of modern man.


Many users like the toilet with bidet together. Reviews say that it is convenient and comfortable to use expensive models. They are multifunctional.

But about those models where the fountain is fixed permanently, the reviews are not very flattering. It is said that it is constantly sprayed with feces, so it is difficult to use it for its intended purpose.

Users are advised to buy Japanese caps TOTO WASHLET. They are installed on the toilet bowls of the same brand series NC or MH. Connect to cold water and electricity. In addition to the shower, massage is done. Save water. Can be installed in apartments and public toilets. Such a toilet with a bidet will make your life easier.

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