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Time zone of Voronezh: how to define?

Our whole planet is conventionally girdled with time zones. There are twenty-four of them. The Greenwich meridian is considered the reference point of the world time , and the zone within the two meridians is the zone of one time zone.

For how long does Voronezh live?

The European-Asian country - Russia - lives in nine time zones. Voronezh, like the entire federal district, used to live in winter and summer time. What is the time zone in Voronezh? Depending on the time of the year, local people lived in Moscow time (MSK - Moscow Standart Time), within the universal coordination of UTC + 3 in the winter, and transferred the hands of the clock on the last March Sunday, switching to UTC + 4 summer hours. The transition back to winter time occurred on the night of the last October Sunday.

The difference between the general time of the time and the local Voronezh was 1 hour.

Today, daylight saving time is not carried out. Local time in the region surpasses the solar for 8 minutes. The current time zone of Voronezh UTC + 3, which is in constant year-round bias.

Why do I need to know time zones?

The time zone of Voronezh, as well as of another European city, is an important information for tourists. Time zones must be taken into account when intending to fly by plane. Crossing several time zones and going on a trip, keep in mind that at the destination you will arrive according to local time. In addition, you will have to adapt after the flight and go to the time zone of Voronezh.

Having information about the world time and its changes, the tourist gets the opportunity to plan his trips, adjusting the time of arrival and choosing the most convenient time for booking a hotel or a hostel, arranging travel at the location.

How quickly to calculate the local time?

You can always carry out these actions online if you have a device with access to the Internet, and having a special application where you can quickly see the time zone of Voronezh and find out the time in any part of the world, arrive at your destination and continue your journey with comfort, quickly navigating.

Time is fleeting, especially when you make long trips: traveling, flying or passing through different time zones. Going on a trip, install a special widget that determines the change of time zones and automatically translates time to local time. Be always in the know about events and changes and remember: Voronezh region lies within the third time zone.

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