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The Secret City TV series. Contemporary actors

Youth series-film fantasy "The Secret City" (actors: P. Priluchny, I. Zhizhikin, A. Florinskaya, E. Tashayeva) was created based on books by contemporary author Vadim Panov. The captivating 16-series production was staged by a talented Sergei Vinokurov, better known to the public as one of the directors of the once sensational criminal serial "Bandit Petersburg", as well as two well-known audience of domestic historical series "The Death of Wazir Mukhtar" and "The Avgusteyshy Ambassador" . Victor Alisov acted as the general producer, he previously supported such TV projects as "On the Game", "Suicide", "Nightingale the Robber", "DMB". The artist was the director of the painting Evgeny Byurchiev. The production of the television series was dealt with by the REN TV channel in a creative alliance with the film company Studio TG-Film, and the premiere of the project took place in November 2013.

About the main characters

The cast has turned out to be mixed in the mystical creation of S. Vinokurov's "The Secret City". Actors Igor Zhizhikin, charming Elena Tashaeva, languid Pavel Priluchny, Alexander Mokhov and Alexandra Florinskaya immediately attracted much attention from film critics, an inexperienced viewer and the media. Recognized masters of the scene and novice talents have become so accustomed to the proposed images that together with unpredictable twists of the story line they have let quite a lot of mystical fog into a kind of work that the science fiction writer Vadim Panov created. "The Secret City" turned out to be a reliable, albeit somewhat modified adaptation of the first novels of the writer from the cycle "The Secret City" - an intriguing "Wars are starting to fail" and continuing the "Commander of War".

Actors and their characters

Due to the arcane-mystical atmosphere of the series "The Secret City" the actors, which will be listed below, created masterfully and inspiringly.

  • Artem Golovin (actor-performer Pavel Priluchny). PV Priluchny (real name of the famous actor Pavel Del) graduated from Novosibirsk Theater School, and after GITIS, a course led by S. A. Golomazov. At the moment he is an actor of the Moscow Drama Theater.
  • Cortez (actor-performer Igor Zhizhikin). IV Zhizhikin graduated from the Moscow Institute of Physical Culture, while at the same time studying with moonlight in the Union State Circus. I tried to make a career in Hollywood. He worked in several shows of the First Channel.
  • Queen Vseslav (actress-performer Alexander Florinskaya). AE Florinskaya at one time graduated from the Academy of Theater Arts, worked in the modeling business, was the "face" of the cosmetic series of the unique products of the company "Northern Lights" and vice-Miss Russia.
  • Jana Mannerheim (actress-performer Elena Tashayeva). E. Yu. Tashaeva graduated from the Theater Institute. B. Shchukin, worked in the famous theater. E. Vakhtangova. At this time the girl is an actress of the Satire Theater.
  • Major Kornilov (actor Alexander Mokhov). AA Mokhov has the honorary title "Honored Artist of Russia", graduated from the theatrical school of Irkutsk, after GITIS, Oleg Tabakov's course. At the present time he is an actor of the theater under the direction of Oleg Tabakov and the permanent TV presenter of the program "Rural Hour" on the rather popular RTR channel.

This is the cast of the television movie "The Secret City", Pavel Priluchny became a real highlight of Russian fantasy.

The plot without spoilers

"Secret City" is a series that tells about the peculiarities of the so-called "secret" Moscow, in which, along with simple mortals, representatives of the ancient, almost disappeared civilizations of mighty magicians live: Lyud '(Green House), Nav (Dark Courtyard) and Chud (Order). All representatives of these cultures have been mercilessly destroyed and persecuted by people since ancient times. Their descendants to this day live in a magical secret city, which is carefully hidden from the ordinary person, and only sometimes the inhabitants of the world of people and magicians intersect. And at one of those moments, a common uninitiated person penetrates into the secret - Artem Golovin, who is able to change the current situation.

Behind shots of the teleproject

Strangely enough, but to the filmmakers work on the series indirectly eased Vadim Panov, "The Secret City" helped to shoot countless participants in fan communities of the writer and his works. They with great pleasure tried on various images: starting from the masters of the Great Houses and ending with the Fuhrers of the Red Hats.

Experience comes with attempts

It is worth noting that the project of creating a fantasy series was ready in 2000, but the writing of the script did not go any further. And so, finally getting out, the painting "The Secret City", the actors of which immediately gained national love among their compatriots, broke the predicted stereotype and did not become an adapted copy of the "Games of Thrones" or "The Hobbit". The fact that in Russia to shoot movies in the genre of fantasy are taken only by desperate daredevils, since film critics traditionally against the background of Western analogues perceive domestic masterpieces in bayonets. As a result, no one knows how to make fantasy pictures in Russia, and they do not want to try to learn, because all criticisms are "beaten with sticks". When analyzing the picture, it is still worth taking into account the modest (in comparison with the western) domestic budget.

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