Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * (Phuket): description and reviews

The largest island of Thailand Phuket, where the international spa business is thriving, is washed by the waters of the Andaman Sea. It is connected to the mainland by pedestrian and automobile bridges. In the west of the island there is an airport serving as a tourist portal to a local resort paradise.

The relief of Phuket is variable, which makes it difficult for pedestrian walks. Therefore, most guests of the resort rest in the vicinity of their hotel. Initially, experienced tourists try to buy a tour to the hotel complex, which is located near one of the most popular beaches. For example, near the famous for its "singing sand" beach Karon is a two-star hotel complex Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *. The description of this hotel is the subject of this article.


Thailand's fertile climate, in which conditions three crops grow for a year, does not limit the holiday season. Water in the coastal water area of the Andaman Sea is warm all year round like boiled milk. The climate of the island of Phuket is determined by the monsoons that are constant here. The annual temperature difference here is minimal: from 35 0 C in April to 25 0 C in December.

Accordingly, the Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * is accessible to tourists year-round in such weather conditions, in any season: dry (here it starts in November and lasts until April) and wet (from May to October).

It is for the island of Phuket that seasonality is conditional because of the least precipitation for Thailand. The rainy season here is characterized by their astonishing transience: tourists, after waiting for an abundant tropical rainfall, which rarely lasts more than an hour, as if by a wave of a magic wand, soon again see the sun and the blue sky above them. In this weather, beach rest is not disturbed, and tourists who flew to the Land of Smiles are less exposed to heat.

Location of the hotel

In Thailand, it is unlikely to find a hotel, indicating to the taxi driver his exact address. After all, if the tourist flew on about. Phuket, and he needs to come to the Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *, an address showing the street and the house will lead any taxi driver into perplexity. He, most likely, lost a smile in response, and then takes the guest to some other outskirts of the resort.

It's no secret that in Phuket, locals are guided in the location of the hotel solely by its belonging to a certain beach. That is, instead of the usual street name and house number, it is correct to indicate the taxi driver only the name of the hotel and Karon beach where it is located, and then there will be no mistake on its part. There is nothing more to say.

Transfer from the airport to the hotel complex takes forty minutes. Right in the middle of the resort town is Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *, the description of its territory does not take much space. Simply, it is not, because it is - a purely urban hotel complex, the infrastructure of which seamlessly merges with the common resort. Maybe that's why, due to the lack of an open beach (in fact, not to place it in the middle of city streets), the comfortable comfortable hotel under consideration is qualified by only two "stars". However, many tourists, his guests, believe that the proximity of the unique Karen beach is more than offset by this circumstance. In addition, in walking distance from the hotel complex is everything you need for the beach and for outdoor activities.

Design and service of the hotel

Tours to this hotel fly like hot cakes. If a tourist can purchase the corresponding one for 3-4 months, then only this lucky person will be able to relax in the Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *. The review of hotel complexes of the famous Thai beach Karon and the quality of the resort services of its hotels, constantly conducted by analysts of travel agencies, attests to the high competitiveness of the hotel complex we are considering.

The hotel is located in a single city four-storey building, where there is no possibility at the entrance for terrace equipment, lawns, etc. Therefore, the design solution of its main entrance from the side of the facade assumes an open architecture. Restrained lines and regular forms of tetrahedral columns contribute to the overall design styling. At the entrance to the hotel the architects deliberately fragment of the bearing wall of the building is replaced by a small column of basilica, immediately behind which are visible hospitable entrance glass doors. The originally designed, noticeable and fairly large hotel sign looks organically, stylishly and non-evocatively.

The first floor of the hotel is completely occupied by a public area (reception, restaurant, various services). Relatively low ceilings of this stage have less than a half height. However, the impression of spaciousness and solemnity by designers was created at the expense of the floor lined with artificial stone, thoughtful installation on the walls, restraint of the color scale, optimal brightness of the LED lighting modules. The combination of wall finishing materials and the use of mirrors visually increases the volumes of the first floor of this relatively compact city hotel.

There is a very comfortable mini-restaurant, a reception area with an advertising desk, a rental service, a hairdresser, and a modern mini-laundry.

The floors of the hotel from the second to the fourth are reserved for client rooms of high comfort, which we will discuss below. They have quite a decent area and are quite comfortable. It is the improved housing conditions that make up the special attraction, the "chip" of this hotel complex, which has found its reflection even in its name.

Excellent design and work of the staff are adequately appreciated by tourists. Those who have rested there once try to fly again.

Close to the hotel adjoins the city infrastructure: dozens of cafes and restaurants, massage parlors, clubs. On Tuesdays and Saturdays, a rich food market is running close to the hotel complex, where exotic mangoes, carambola, longan, guava, pineapple, lychees, lime, passion fruit, long-tongue, etc., are sold at reasonable prices (of course, with bargaining). . P.

Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *: services

The guests of the hotel complex speak warmly of their stay in it. They write that this sweet and calm Thai "kopeck piece" looks preferable to some Turkish and Egyptian "fives." They subjectively evaluate above the two-star level of the Thai hotel Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *. Guest reviews often end with a phrase indicating their desire and the next season to buy a tour with accommodation in this "deuce."

A well thought out and supervised by the managers of this two-star hotel includes:

  • Round-the-clock work of reception and comprehensive information of the guests on their treatment;
  • Daily cleaning of rooms and replacement of towels;
  • Twice a week - the replacement of bed linen;
  • Hairdressing and laundry services;
  • Massage salon at the hotel;
  • Rent of scooters and bikes;
  • car rental.

The personnel of the hotel complex value their place of work, maintaining order and standards of service.


Remarkably spacious, well-furnished and provided with good quality appliances, the room provides guests Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *. Reviews of tourists about the comfort of the numbers they have got are positive. In total there are 33. Of them, 30 suites (2 + 1) and 3 mini suites.

Let's start with the description of the suite. It has a balcony and a well-appointed bathroom. The guests write in the reviews about the extensive living space, that besides the minimal furniture (beds, night tables, mirrors), there is a desk and not even a closet, but a whole small dressing room (which the ladies can not help). Also in the apartments There is both a refrigerator and a safe, and they are free of charge. In the hotel's suites, apart from the bedrooms, there is a living room and a small hallway.

Also on the entire territory of the hotel complex there is a fast Wi-FFi.

In addition to regularly working air conditioning, refrigerator, TV, there is also a hairdryer and an electric kettle. The latter is daily supplied with tea bags, coffee and sugar. Also, a two-liter supply of drinking water is regularly replenished.

Breakfast in the hotel

In the morning, going down to the first floor of the hotel to the Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * mini-restaurant located in the reception area (the photo shows us his room), the guests are having breakfast.

To do this, they are given time from 7-00 to 11-00. Tourists are offered several types of breakfast: Thai, American, European (type of English) and several more. The food does not have to wait, the service is friendly and prompt. Tourists, hurrying to the beach, most often order eggs with bacon, sausages and vegetables; Fruit cut from pineapple and watermelon, fresh from orange, toast with natural fruit jam and biscuits to coffee and tea.

Lunch and dinner - in restaurants in Carona

As the hotel Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * treats its guests only to breakfast, the guests are given complete freedom in choosing institutions for lunch and dinner.

Just next to the hotel, on the right side of the road to the beach, is the restaurant Red Onion. Here, the food is nourishing and tasty, but waiting for food you have to stand in line. Approximately in the same area is the seafood restaurant Family seafood. Seafood dishes are prepared here.

Uncompromising lovers of Russian cuisine, connoisseurs of cabbage soup and pelmeni can recommend Cafe Veranda.

Beach holidays

The third line hotel is Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * (Phuket). From it to the comfortable Karon beach go for 10 minutes. If you follow it through the territory of the hotel Mövenpick, then this journey will take half the time. On the road there is a large number of cafes, restaurants, massage parlors, shops. Many tourists consider Karon the best beach in Phuket. Nearby hotels separate the road from it. It is the conditional feature for which construction is prohibited. Here - only His Majesty the Beach. Along the road is artificially made a mound of sand, visually hiding traffic. Therefore, when you are on the beach, you get a sense of privacy.

It is not recommended in October to come to Karon for beach holidays for families with small children and elderly people. At this time, the waves are high, and bathing is unsafe for inexperienced swimmers. In the rest of the time, water excitement in the water area of the beach is insignificant, and comfortable bathing is guaranteed to all categories of holidaymakers.

Sunset in the sea here is comfortable and smooth. Sun beds and umbrellas - paid, stand for 100 baht. Sand beach - unique, in its composition there is a large amount of quartz, while walking along it it creaks, like snow. The infrastructure of the beach itself includes smaller kiosks that are close to the road, serving to rent beach equipment and sell soft drinks.


Tourists often leave the Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * (Phuket) to get acquainted with Thailand. It is not recommended to use the services of numerous rental scooters and bikes. The reason is banal street theft. Therefore, it is safer for tourists to use the services of mototaxi, which here is quite peculiarly called "tuk-tuk". Also popular are the services of numerous schools of diving and surfing, located near the beach of Karon.


Tour operators are actively working to sell tours to guests Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * (Phuket). However, they compete in price competition with the city tour desk. For comparison: tour to the Similan Islands, which are included in the top 10 best places of the planet for diving and beach holidays, tour operators cost 3800 baht, and in the city - 1800.

Among the popular excursions in Thailand are visits to the capital of Thailand - the city of Bangkok, the best beaches of Pattaya, Doy Suthep, Koh Chang - Klong Plu waterfall, snake farm, crocodile farm, botanical garden of spices, aquarium Underwater World.

But there are expensive air tours. Let's present their list, offered to the guests of Thailand:

  • Air travel to Singapore;
  • Air tour to the capital of Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur;
  • Air travel to Hong Kong.


Tourists who went on a tour to the island of Phuket, of course, plan to bring souvenirs from Thailand, new things to themselves, their relatives and acquaintances. When it is important not to get trapped, because an inexperienced tourist risks to part with some coveted souvenirs right at the customs. According to Thai law, it is forbidden to export from the country items made of ivory, tortoise shell, sea horses, sea shells, teeth or a tiger skin, stuffed crocodiles, fruits of durian, pots in pots with earth, stones.

What is worth buying as a souvenir in Thailand? Let's look for the answer to this question in the opinions of tourists Karon Living Room Hotel 2 *. They try to buy clothes from Thai silk, and even more often - sew it in one of the many ateliers of Phuket. Shops in Phuket represent a wide range of inexpensive things made of leather. Also a good idea is buying in the Country smiles of costume jewelry and jewelry, denim and sportswear. Buy it is in stores megamolla "Jang Ceylon." Cheap and high quality in Thailand is an outlandish tea. Here you can buy the latest electronics, which will cost 30% cheaper than in your home country.


The Thai Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * impresses tourists with comfort and convenience. Reviews of it testify to the quality resort services of the economy class. Tourists like the housing conditions created in the hotel complex, exceeding in their characteristics the notorious budget option.

The infrastructure of the Karon Living Room Hotel 2 * itself is complemented with the Karon beach infrastructure. Thailand many faces. Thanks to this, the most diverse groups of tourists can get what they want from their vacation. Arriving for health improvement will bring satisfaction to the wonderful beaches, Thai massage and rejuvenating spa treatments. Fans of active recreation will join the water sports in numerous schools and courses scattered along the coast. Gourmets will taste exotic fruits and seafood. Fans of parties and club atmosphere also will not remain offended. Thailand is diverse. Everyone will find in him what he seeks.

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