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Actress Kristen Ritter: biography, filmography and interesting facts

Kristen Ritter - a talented American actress, remembered by the audience primarily as Jessica Jones from the eponymous series. Her cinematic biography began at a fairly young age, and by the age of 34, the star had managed to embody more than 50 images in films and serials. What is known about this mysterious girl, her life path and creative victories?

Kristen Ritter: childhood

The future Jessica Jones was born in the US state of Pennsylvania, it happened in December 1981. Kristen Ritter's parents owned a small ranch in Bloomsburg, where her childhood passed. In the first years of her life, the actress did not stand out from the crowd of her peers. Like all children, her hobbies were constantly changing: cinema, music, sports. It is also known that Kristen adored reading.

Surprisingly, in her teens Kristen Ritter was worried because of her appearance. Her complexes were aggravated when she was forced to leave with her mother from Bloomsburg after the parents' divorce. The girl did not like the new classmates, they ridiculed her high growth and thinness. When Kristen was 15, her mother struggled to persuade her daughter to attend the model competition. They arrived only at the end of the event, but the spectacular girl saw a model scout, who presented the future star with her business card. As a result, "Jessica Jones" has signed a contract with the famous agency "Elite".

Model career

Thanks to what has managed to achieve impressive success in the model field Kristen Ritter? The height of the girl is 175 cm, weight ranges from 53-57 kg. The first time the future star had to combine work with schoolwork, these were difficult years. First Kristen managed to conquer the catwalks of New York, where she moved when she turned 18 years old.

A great success for the beginning model was shooting in a commercial devoted to the drink Dr Pepper. After that, she was invited to the screenings held in Tokyo, Paris, Milan. Gradually Kristen began to think about how to test her powers as an actress. So she was on acting courses, gradually falling in love with a new profession.

First roles

Which film became the debut for Kristen Ritter? It was the tape "Garmento", presented to the audience in 2002. Of course, yesterday's model received in this picture only an episodic role. Then followed the shooting in such films and TV series as "Fuck off!", "Veronica Mars", "Smile Mona Lisa", "Johnny Ziro".

Interestingly, the first roles played by Ritter were similar to each other. The directors saw the owner of an unusual appearance in the form of an eccentric girl. Often Kristen had to play heroines suffering from drug addiction. However, she had to embody and images of cuties, it is enough to recall her role in the comedy "Shopaholic", in which she depicts the girlfriend of the main character.

Starry hour

It is difficult to say exactly which role has become a star for a novice actress. Many critics believe that luck turned to the girl face after the comedy "Too cool for you". Other experts are convinced that the star status of the actress was presented by the cult series "In All Grave". Kristen Ritter played a secondary role in it, but her character made a huge impression on the audience.

In this television project, she embodied the image of the frivolous drug addict Jane Margulis, the girlfriend of the protagonist, who perishes from an overdose. It is known that the actress took a lot of preparation for the role, she even attended several times the community of anonymous drug addicts.

Main roles

When did Kristen Ritter first gain a key role? The filmography of the star in 2010 was supplemented with the picture "How to make love with a woman", the story of which is borrowed from the sensational book of Jenna Jameson. In this tape, she embodied the image of Lauren - a girl who does not get pleasure from intimate relationships with her boyfriend.

Not only this role allowed Kristen in 2010 to attract the attention of viewers. She also embodied the bright image of Lilly in the TV project "Gravitation". This series is dedicated to people who tried to voluntarily leave the life, but fate gave them a second chance. Also, Ritter's key roles went to the projects "Kill Bono", "Vampires".

What else to see

"Jessica Jones" - a popular series in which, in 2015, Kristen is removed. In this TV project, the actress received a key role. Her character Jessica has the abilities of a superhero, but she tries to live a normal life. She works as a private detective investigating crimes in New York. The chosen profession makes her constantly face people with superpowers, also Miss Jones does not want to leave the person from her mysterious past alone.

"Do not believe su ... from apartment 23" - another sensational series, in which Kristen Ritter played. Without censorship this teleproject is called otherwise, but for obvious reasons, the creators had to shorten one of the words. In the youth series, the star embodied the image of amusing and capricious Chloe.

In 2017, fans of the mysterious Kristen are waiting for at least two new projects with her participation. However, details about this are still kept secret.

Life Behind the Scenes

When journalists ask a star a question related to her personal life, she refuses to answer in most cases. Kristen speaks of herself as a woman who is not fit for marriage. His romantic relationship prefers to keep a secret, which only increases the curiosity of the press and fans.

It is known that Kristen Ritter was in a love affair with Ivan Sergey and Riley Smith. Her best-known boyfriend is Brian Geraghty, whom the actress meets at the moment. However, the marriage is not a question, which is connected with the life position of Ritter, her desire for freedom.

Music - a hobby that the star has not changed throughout life. She even has her own band, with which she from time to time acts. Kristen not only took on the role of soloist, but also periodically writes songs for her musical team. In his spare time, Ritter loves to travel, especially attracting her exotic countries. As in childhood, the star reads a lot, giving preference to entertaining literature.

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