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The Mystery Method: what is it about?

"Mystery Method" is a real bible of all people who want to get acquainted with girls, or rather "pick up" them, as it is now called. Means this is that few of the men consider those girls who are seduced, as a prospect for further successful long-term relationships.

As for the book itself, written by Eric von Markovic, it is the most popular among today's pick-up artists. "Mystery Method" is what every man should know if he wants to become a real seducer of women.

What it is?

So, it's time to figure out what the Mystery Method is. As you already knew, this is the book by Eric von Markovic, which is now the main work for the vast community of pick-up artists - people who get to know girls effectively and quickly, often for one night.

What is its essence? If we briefly describe the "Mystery Method", then we can say that von Markovik singled out two types of values for men that can attract a woman. The first type is the value for reproduction. It is possessed by those men who have an attractive appearance, good health, that is what will ensure their successful continuation of the family.

The second type is the value for survival. He is characterized by the availability of financial means, physical strength, leadership qualities and much more.

And von Markovic spent a lot of time watching the behavior of young couples in bars, clubs and other similar establishments. After analyzing a large amount of information, he found out that a woman is more likely to pay attention to a man who has a high value for survival, rather than on one with the prevailing value for reproduction.

However, it is worth noting that to present your value should also be able to - if a man brags about his financial security, it is unlikely to impress a woman. Thus, a man needs to be able to behave with a woman, and the book describes the numerous techniques that, according to the author, include a woman's drive switch. What are these techniques?

Linear model

The book "Method Mystery" offers the reader a set of techniques that allow you to learn how to seduce and attract any women. And the main model is linear. Markovik became the author of the well-known idea that for a woman to be attracted, it is necessary to lead her through a series of certain emotions.

Of course, this theory was voiced before him, but it was this author who indicated that all these emotions are always unchanged. Markovik writes that the demonstration of a man's social value lasts from a few seconds to several minutes, but this stage is the key one.

After this, it is necessary to evoke a feeling of closeness and comfort for a woman. To do this, you will need a long joint pastime, from four to ten hours.

However, the "Mystery Method" is a book that is not limited to a purely linear seduction model.

Indie Speakers

Many men, when they try to seduce a woman, use introductory phrases that unambiguously hint at their interest. However, this is an approach that von Markowitz criticizes.

In the case of the "Mystery Method", the openings of the openers are used, that is, introductory phrases that arouse the interest of the woman, without revealing the true intentions of the man during the first couple of minutes of communication.

A game

A pick-up game is a term that von Markowitz introduced in his book The Mystery Method. Feedback about this reception is extremely positive. And this is not surprising, because in most cases it really works.

So what is the essence of the game? The fact is that the author suggests that guys and men should treat acquaintance with girls as a computer game in which you can lose and start all over again without any damage. This seriously removes tension from people who are afraid that they will be "otoshyut."

If you use the game approach, you can calmly make several attempts in one evening, without suffering because you were rejected.


As for the reviews on the book, everything here is pretty transparent. People are enthusiastic about von Markovic's work, as he allows them to really improve their skills in meeting girls and in seducing them. Many readers write that the "Mystery Method" literally turned their world around. Most reviews report that the "Mystery Method" is a book that every person who wants to achieve success with the opposite sex should know. And if you do not know about the methods that von Markovic offers, it is equivalent to not knowing in what order letters in the alphabet go.

So if you are interested in a pickup truck, then you must read this book and also attend several trainings, as how exactly can you become a full-fledged seducer. But even if you just want to be more confident in the company of the girl, you will find interesting information in this work.

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