The machine has frozen, what to do? Councils for motorists.

With the onset of cold and frost all motorists have to prepare their vehicles so that at the very moment when you are in a hurry not to work, it did not turn out that the car was frozen, what to do with this you and do not know what. So, every morning, going out into the street, you are hoping to come to your car and dream about that today everything was in order. And who knows, maybe this time it will all work out, but do not forget that you should not hope for "maybe".

The first thing after a heavy snowfall is to find your car, which is covered with snow. Then you run the risk of not opening the car doors because they are freezing. But no, creaking erasers, you manage to get inside. And if your car was frozen, what would you do then? - Go to work on the bus! That is why, with the advent of winter, it is necessary to take care beforehand that there are no similar situations this year with you.

So, if the car is frozen, what should I do first?

Of course, many drivers believe that having a garage can save all such problems in the winter. Maybe a warm garage and will not give you so many problems in the operation of your car in the cold season, but a constant change in air temperature will certainly be detrimental to the appearance of your car. After all, because of the change in the temperature regime, the paint may crack or deterioration of its quality will occur.

Since the first thing in the cold in the car freezes the battery, then this should be taken into account. Therefore, leaving the car in the cold, take the battery with you. Well, if it happened so that it froze, then to warm it, put the battery in a basin with warm water for several hours. The main thing is to ensure that the water does not rise above the level of the lids.

Also, to save your car in the cold you can help anti-theft systems with auto-heating. However, do not abuse this, because you run the risk of planting your battery in a few days. If you are constantly confronted with the fact that the rubber bands on your doors freeze, you should use special oils and greases that prevent such situations. Well, if you really managed to get to the frozen doors of your car, a few drops of miracle oil will save you in five minutes. If you do not have such tools at hand, do not despair. 30 grams of vodka or alcohol will handle it perfectly.

What should I do if the handbrake freezes?

If you have frozen handle, then you need to put it in a warm room. After it warms up, you will have to change the cable of the handbrake, in fact, probably because the tightness is broken, water gets into it, which is the cause of freezing. Of course, it is easiest to not use a handbrake in winter, so it will be safer all.

However, you may also encounter such a problem that your pads will freeze to disks. Then you need to pour the drums with boiling water, in order for the pads to thaw. Only then, when using the handbrake, it is necessary to be extremely cautious and constantly monitor the temperature of the drums.

If the diesel has frozen, what should I do?

To avoid such trouble, first of all, you need to switch to winter diesel. Well, if you did not have time to do this and severe frosts began , then you can prevent the bay from freezing into the tank of the additive, which prevents the thickening of the carpenters. However, if there is not a single gas station nearby, then you can solve this situation by filling the gulf with diesel fuel with five percent of gasoline. But you must remember that this is an extreme measure, as this leads to possible burn-out of the pistons.

So, if the car is frozen, what to do, now you know. And the best way to prevent such a situation, then not to puzzle how to get out of it.

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