The Development of Attention is One of the Methods of Struggle against the SDG

In recent years, attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity are diagnosed in children more and more often. It is characterized by a weak concentration of voluntary attention, increased excitability, mobility of the child.

The problems of the family, in which such a baby grows, appear already in the kindergarten. Today the preschool institution has to strengthen the preparation of children for schooling. Hyperactive children already in kindergarten do not cope with the requirements for training: they find it difficult to sit at the table, lack of attention does not allow listening to the teacher for a long (15 minutes!) Time, etc. In addition, not all teachers have methods of working with such children. Therefore, the child's problems must be addressed, first of all, to the parents.

Games for the development of attention .

They must become regular and everyday in the family. It is not necessary to arrange a semblance of schoolwork with the child in order to achieve success. So parents can only increase the excitement and reluctance to engage. The first task of adults is motivation. You need to find a way to get the child involved in the game. For this you can come up with a lot of incentives. One of the principles of developing games is the child and the adult are the rightful subjects of the game. If an adult makes a guess, gives an assignment, then the child does the same.

Picking up games, you must first adhere to the rule "one game - one function." That is, in the game action can not be present tasks for the development of memory, thinking, etc. First - only the development of attention .

The game "Follow me." The adult draws a figure in the air. The child repeats after him. Then they change roles.

The game "Gift". Pantomime depict what we will give each other. One shows, the other guesses.

The game "Dress Shirts". The child turns away, the adult changes something in his clothes. The child's task is to say what has changed.

Game "Pictures". Do not neglect the classic pictures, which have "errors of artists", and labyrinths, and extra items.

Game "Catch the sound." Let's choose several sounding objects. Knock on them with a wooden stick (or pencil). Then we will take turns to close our eyes and guess what object sings.

Gradually, you can complicate the game to develop attention .

Game "Remember and guess". Put on the table in front of the child a few items. He must remember them. Then the child turns away, and the adult changes objects in places or adds others. It is necessary to indicate what has changed.

With ADHD, a child needs to develop attention to the speech of others. A child can remember your demands, advice, reminders only when he listened attentively to them. Increasing attention to the words of parents can be achieved by adhering to the following rules:

- Turning to the child, speak important phrases, looking into his eyes, and making sure that the child hears you;

- when you want to say something important that requires attention, exclude outside stimuli (TV, computer, music, etc.);

- do not raise your voice, speak calmly, clearly, choosing the available words and expressions.

Games with words and letters, telling tales and writing stories will help in developing attention to speech.

The game "Continue a fairy tale". The adult and the child take turns telling the story. In this simple process, attention, speech, logical thinking develops.

For schoolchildren, the test game "Correction test" will become a good training for attention. On a sheet of paper we print in random order different letters. Fill with such lines about half of A4 sheet. The task for the student is to delete all the letters "R". You can check the execution time and count the number of mistakes made (skip letters, strikethrough another letter). The results of the game are recorded in a prominent place on the poster "My achievements".

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