Abstract Business - "Bear Service"?

The number of companies involved in the writing of student study work on order is increasing every day. There are a lot of such companies on the Internet. Feature of the abstract business is the ambiguous attitude to this activity: many do not get tired of talking about its harm, they say, completely disaccustoms the students to think independently. But is it really that bad, contact the company to order a thesis?

First, let's talk about the harm of the diploma business. If it is good to study the prices for writing diploma papers for an order, coursework, test papers and abstracts, which set the abstract companies, it is easy to see that they are quite high. Most Russian students order all student work, or at least the bulk of them - can not afford. And is there any sense in paying someone for what you can do yourself? Based on the foregoing, we can conclude that most of these companies are designed for part-time students. This category of students, most often, orders works, because Does not have time to study, but has enough money to pay for the course, control or diploma work performed by a specialist.

The view that if students will order everything, then specialists from them will not work, and the level of education will continue to decline, is also incorrect. The staff of each company involved in writing student work for an order, often faced with the fact that they did not take a job written in an excellent manner by their specialist, and angry students demanded a refund of the money, the teacher said that everything was wrong. Such situations occur all the time because in a normal institution of higher learning, a good teacher can not hand over the written work almost 100%, even if it is done without a single defect. In addition, with every year the number of specialists engaged in writing essays, term papers, diploma theories on order is inexpensive - it turns out that not everyone orders.

As for the legality of the abstract-diploma business, it is impossible to hold accountable for the provision of information services. After all, how the student will dispose of the information received is only his business. In addition, most firms involved in the writing of educational work are officially registered and operate legally.
It turns out that there is no real harm here.

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