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The company "kaiant" sums up the results of the Transport Activity for January-February 2013.

The company "Kayant" sums up the results for January-February 2013.

The forwarding company "Kayant" sums up the results of the activity of the transport industry of the Republic of Belarus in the sphere of freight traffic in January-February 2013.

The transport industry is of great importance for the economy of the Republic of Belarus, including its foreign economic activity, as a result of which it is necessary to control the results of its activities and analyze the data obtained for making the most effective decisions. Transportation services account for more than half of revenues from services exports and about 40% from imports. According to the results for January 2013, the figures were 62% ($ 283.4 million) and 43% ($ 98.4 million), respectively.

The beginning of the year for the transport industry of the Republic of Belarus was difficult due to difficult weather conditions. However, despite this, the economic and statistical results for the analyzed period are satisfactory.

In January-February 2013, transport organizations transported 66.9 million tons of cargo. This figure is 3.5% less than in the same period in 2012. For January 2013, 34 million tons of cargo were transported (96.1% of the figure for January 2012), in February - 32.9 million tons. Tons (by 4.4% less than in February 2012).

By types of transport for January-February 2013 was transported:

  • Road transport - 22 984.3 thousand tons;
  • Railway - 21 580.8 thousand tons;
  • Air - 1,6 thousand tons;
  • Pipeline - 22 332.2 thousand tons.

Concerning the indicators for the corresponding period of 2012, it should be noted that the growth of transportation by road and air (110.7% and 132.9%, respectively). In other types of cargo transportation, there is a decrease in indicators (93.6% - pipeline transport, 87.4% - railway).

The freight turnover of transport in the period January-February 2013 amounted to 19.3 billion tcm, of which:

  • Motor transport - 2.7 billion tcm
  • Railway - 6.7 billion tkm.

As for the dynamics of the indicator in question, then, in comparison with the previous year, the turnover of goods decreased. Relative to its structure, compared to the corresponding period of 2012, freight turnover of railway transport decreased by 15.6%, pipeline - by 3.9%; The turnover of road and air transport, on the contrary, increased by 25.3% and 26.1%, respectively.

According to data for January 2013, the largest share of exports falls on petroleum products (37.4%), dairy products (5%), potash fertilizers (4.6%), tractors and tractors (3.5%), ferrous metals and Products from them (2,9%), cars (1,8%) and other. Crude oil (25.5%), natural gas (12.1%), ferrous metals and products made of them (5.5%), cars (1.7%) and others play an important role in the import of goods.

In January 2013, the volume of foreign trade in goods and services in the Republic of Belarus totaled 6,675.2 million dollars. The United States, including exports - $ 3,408.9 million. (Compared to the same period in 2012 decreased by 13%), imports - $ 3,266.3 million. (Less by 4.5%). In general, the balance of foreign trade over the period under review was positive - $ 142.6 million.

In the total volume of exports of the Republic of Belarus for January 2013, Russia occupies the leading position - 38% and the EU countries - 37.8%, the rest of the CIS countries account for 14.2%. In imports, Russia also holds a leading position - 59.8%, followed by EU countries - 19.1% and other CIS countries - 5.4%.

In January 2013, export-import operations were carried out with 160 countries around the world. Export of goods was sent to the markets of 114 countries, imports were made from 143 states.

In January 2013 the main trade partners of the Republic of Belarus were:

  • Russia (49.2% of the total turnover of Belarus),
  • The Netherlands (9.6%),
  • Ukraine (7.7%),
  • Germany (5.6%),
  • China (4.9%),
  • Poland (2.4%),
  • Italy (2.3%),
  • United Kingdom (1.6%),
  • Lithuania (1.5%),
  • Latvia (0.9%).

The results of transport activity were summed up and directly in the company "Kayant". In January-February 2013 the company made 73 flights between 8 countries: Czech Republic, Germany, Relaris, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Estonia. More than 700 tons of cargo were transported during the analyzed period.

The forwarding company "Kayant" has been operating in the market of cargo transportation since 2005. The company provides services in the field of international cargo transportation by road between CIS countries and Europe. Among the main directions of transportation of the company are Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Baltic countries, Kazakhstan, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Romania, etc. The company transports goods of various categories: food, medicine, equipment, production lines, bulk cargo, oversized , Heavy and bulky goods, complete and modular cargoes, dangerous goods (ADR), carries out project transportations and passing loads. For the delivery of cargo, the company "Kayant" uses different types of rolling stock, such as: awning, refrigerator, isothermal, all-metal, container carriers, etc. All cargo transportation is carried out by highly qualified international drivers with long-term experience of using modern fleet.

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