The amount of state duty for various operations

Today, when applying to various state bodies for the implementation of a number of legal actions, individuals and legal entities pay a certain fee. The size of the state fee depends on the type of operations that are supposed to be carried out.

In accordance with the tax legislation, several main lines of services are singled out, the use of which entails the payment of this fee. These include:

- appeal to the courts of various instances (from magistrates to the Constitutional Court of Russia) with claims, complaints, requests, etc .;

- the work of payments by a court decision (for defendants when making decisions not in their favor and the release of the plaintiff from payment of state duty);

- appeal to the notary for the performance of notarial actions;

- Appeal concerning receipt of originals or issue of duplicate documents;

- Apostille and other legal actions.

The payment for rendering state services in each case is carried out at a strictly defined time at the place where legal actions are taken. For example, when applying to the courts, duty payments are paid before the application is submitted, as evidenced by the receipt or payment order submitted by the applicant with the credit organization's note.

The amount of state duty in the arbitration court is specified in the tax code (Article 333.21). It is different for claims for property to be valued, for claims for invalidation of transactions or changes in transaction conditions, for applications for invalidating a normative act. Another amount of the state duty is set for appeals to the arbitration court regarding the recognition of the debtor bankrupt, for the cancellation of the decisions of the arbitration or foreign court, etc. For example, when the application for securing the claim is filed, the applicant pays 2,000 rubles. And for claims of non-property nature (recognition of rights, etc.), the duty payment is 4000 rubles.

The amount of state duty for registration of IP is defined in Article 333.33 of the Tax Code. Today, this amount is 800 rubles and is paid when an individual is registered as an entrepreneur. If a person wishes to terminate operations in the status of an IP, he must pay a fee of 20% of the state duty for registration. The same fee must be paid for re-registration as an IP.

You can fully learn about the size of the state duty today from chapter 25.3 of the tax code of our country. Here, in addition to fees paid when applying to the courts, there are fees for the registration of marriage and other civil status acts, for the registration of citizenship, state registration of programs for computers, drugs or the media, for the provision of various types of licenses, for the right to use the words "Russian Federation "or" Russia "and much more. The size of the state duty can be set in absolute as well as in percentage terms. The same article of the Code specifies the categories of persons who have privileges or exemption from payment of fees, as well as information on the procedure for the return of excessively or incorrectly paid amounts.

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