Tablet Texet TM-7026: description, characteristics, reviews

Nothing lasts forever, and any product experiencing noticeable success will sooner or later become out of fashion. Even the most, at first glance, unique and stunning gadget is doomed to lose its popularity in the future. Tablet PCs faced a similar fate, and they had high hopes. The devices had to replace the PC.

All major players lost interest in this category of devices (including Apple, Google and Samsung). In most of them, only budget devices, including domestic ones, are actively sold, such as the Texet TM 7026 tablet .

A bit of history

Texet is a Russian brand of consumer equipment that was born more than 20 years ago. Products of this manufacturer have already proven themselves as the most affordable in its class. Under the brand Texet produced tablets, smartphones, DVRs, e-books and many other categories of devices.


In the basic configuration of the tablet is a very solid set of accessories, which can not boast of every "top" tablet computer. So, in addition to the device itself, you can find in the kit:

  1. USB cable (for connecting to the mains and synchronizing data with the computer).
  2. OTG cable (for connecting additional accessories, such as a physical keyboard, gamepads and others like them).
  3. Mediocre headphones (a rarity for tablets and budget devices in general).
  4. The network adapter.
  5. Guide to working with the device.
  6. Warranty card (the necessary thing for every budget device).

Quite a non-standard set, all accessories are not of the best quality, but they allow you to get rid of additional investments. Would put here a case and an SD-card, it would be perfectly fine.


Dimensions: 192 x 121 x 10 millimeters. The tablet computer has a classic design. The level of assembly is impressive. The body of the tablet is not made from cheap "soft-touch" plastic, but from the most real aluminum, and not the most budgetary series. The case came out pretty sturdy, not too marble, resistant to chips and small scratches. There is no backlash in different parts of the body, everything is glued to the conscience.

Most of the front panel is occupied by a display. On the rear panel there is nothing but the manufacturer's logo and antenna (or rather, a plastic insert under it, allowing the signal to pass through the housing). On the right side face are located the sound control elements and the power button. On the lower side you can find all the necessary ports: mini-USB, SD card slot, headphone port (3.5 millimeters) and microphone.


The device has a very mediocre screen, manufactured using TFT technology, which is very old today. The diagonal of the display is only 7 inches, and its resolution is 800 by 480 pixels (the number of pixels per inch is 133). The picture came out pretty grainy, the color rendering is clearly suffering, and the notorious TFT technology negatively affects the viewing angles. Even an uncritical angle can invert colors (it looks like it's not a technical achievement of the XXI century, but an old tube TV).

The display panel is protected by glossy glass. Protection from glare is absent, it is not possible to use the tablet in the sun. Not impressive and "multitouch" -sensor, possible false pressures and belated reaction.

The display is widescreen, which means it is great for watching movies and videos, but, on the other hand, it is not the best choice for web surfing.


Count on the high performance in such an affordable gadget is not worth it. The heart of this tablet was the Chinese single-core Allwinner / Box Chip A13 processor, whose clock speed can reach 1.2 GHz. Such an acceleration will be enough for performing basic tasks, watching video, listening to music, working with documents, keeping notes and so on.

For graphics capabilities meets the classic Mali 400 MP. Unfortunately, this video processor can not cope with any modern game, so you will have to do with indie projects or not play at all. As for the video, the supported formats, including WMV, MKV and others, are reproduced without problems. There were no slowdowns or hangs.


One of the main drawbacks of devices working on the basis of "Android" is the constant shortage of RAM. The Texet TM 7026 owners will have to face the same problem, the device found space for only 512 megabytes of "RAM", which will certainly affect both the overall performance and the performance of individual applications. "Android", unlike iOS or Windows Mobile, can not correctly allocate RAM, which means that all programs that are running will be mercilessly fighting for every megabyte, bringing the gadget to hangs and "brakes."

As for the main memory, then everything is not all smooth: the tablet comes in only one bundle of Texet TM 7026 4Gb. Only 4 gigabytes of memory, which will go to the operating system and a couple of the most needed applications. The benefit of ROM can be expanded by using a microSDHC memory card. On it you can store videos, books, music.

Shooting Quality

The Texet TM 7026 is not equipped with a rear camera. There is only frontal with a resolution of 0.3 megapixels. It's unlikely that such a deal will please fans of Selfie, but it's enough for video calls in Skype and conferences in Hangouts.

It is fair to say that enthusiasts and especially desperate craftsmen will certainly get used to and can take pictures of business cards and documents with the help of the front camera, therefore it is worth saying that the camera can perform utilitarian functions.


The operating time from one charge is not the best indicator of this device, since there is a rather modest battery here. The Texet TM 7026 can not be relied on for a long trip and even more so. In general, with it it is not necessary to go far from the outlet, and it is better to get a portable battery that will keep the tablet in working condition throughout the day. The volume of the battery is 2,400 milliamps-hours.

On average, the tablet "lives" about 6 hours when watching a video (enough for two with a small movie and a dozen music albums).

Wireless interfaces

The tablet does not have rich sets of wireless technologies. The only wireless interface that wormed under the hood of the gadget - Wi-Fi with support for a single frequency of 802.11n.

Using the OTG cable, you can connect a portable modem.

operating system

As a software platform for the brainchild of Texet stands "Android" 4 generations. This version of "oprosionki" from Google is the first, fully adapted for large displays (more than 5 inches). Also, this version got rid of a lot of annoying mistakes, chasing "Android" for many years. The system works more stable and faster than previous versions, even on older and weaker devices, such as the Texet TM 7026 tablet.

There is support for most modern applications from the Play Market. Those applications that have been rewritten for the Material Design interface will not work with the 4th version, but you can find older versions in the form of APK files.

Tablet Texet TM 7026: price

The tablet is still on sale, it is easy to find in online stores and purchase with delivery. The average price for "Yandex.Market" on the tablet Texet TM 7026 4Gb Silver is about 4 000 rubles.

Possible problems

At its democratic cost, the tablet has almost no significant drawbacks, but one weak point is still there is a battery. It's not even a low battery, but overheating. After connecting the tablet to the mains, it is necessary to leave it alone, preferably to be transferred to the airplane mode. If the Texet TM 7026 does not turn on, it is most likely a problem in the battery or in the charger (it is better to replace the complete network adapter with any similar one).


People who purchase devices at such a low price, give the most adequate estimates, as they realize that the cost of the tablet is simply ridiculous.

Users positively respond about the dimensions of the device and the case as a whole, note the high strength and scratch resistance. Strangely enough, praise the display without complaining about pronounced pixels and faded colors.

Most people encounter unpredictable gadget behavior when connecting a standard charger, the display reacts incorrectly to every touch, launching programs, flipping pages, websites and so on.

Instead of concluding

What do we have in the dry residue? Tablet Texet TM 7026, the characteristics of which are not too impressive, is still one of the most affordable and practical portable computers that can be used as an e-book, a music player or as a gift for a child.

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