Symptoms and treatment of varicocele

Varicocele acts as varicose veins associated with the testicle and spermatic cord. The cause of the pathology is the violation of the valves located in the veins. When properly operated, they do not allow the outflow of blood, and in the case of abnormalities in the functioning of the valves, the blood moves in the opposite direction when the pressure rises, which leads to an expansion of the veins that surround the spermatic cord.

Causes and treatment varicocele

The disease can develop due to anatomical features of the structure of the mesenteric upper artery and renal vein, resulting in the formation of aorto-mesenteric tweezers. It is a junction of the vessels, under which they squeeze each other.

Experts note that treatment varicocele is not particularly difficult. It is a very common disease of the genitourinary system of men, this ailment manifests itself in every tenth person of the stronger sex. The most common manifestations of left-sided varicocele, because only the left testicular's vein flows into the renal left vein.

Consequences and treatment varicocele

Do not panic when diagnosed. For life, pathology does not pose a particular danger, however, if the treatment is ignored, infertility may develop and various pain manifestations occur in the further stages of varicocele. Treatment in any case should be done. Properly selected therapy will allow you to get rid of the disease in the shortest possible time.

Symptoms and treatment of varicocele

Unfortunately, the disease develops asymptomatically, especially at the initial stages, the deviation does not manifest itself as it does. Often an ailment occurs during puberty and is detected quite accidentally, during a routine examination or diagnosis.

However, there are exceptions to the rules. It is necessary to consult a doctor immediately if you have periodic pain in the testicle. The pain syndrome can be not strong, the person experiences pulling unpleasant sensations because of pressure on walls of veins of a blood. In general, exacerbation occurs during exercise and when in the vertical position.

Operative intervention

The most effective method of eliminating the disease is the varicocele operation. If the initial stages can do without surgery, then when pain occurs, the diagnosis of male infertility, aesthetic defects without it can not do. Often the removal varicocele produced in adolescence or childhood for the prevention of infertility.

Today, open interventions are successfully used, they make operations from the mini-access, practice endoscopic treatment, and also perform microsurgical revascularization of the testicle.

The essence of the operation consists in an isolated ligation of the arteries of the testicle above the level of the inner ring located in the inguinal canal. The surgeon makes an incision in the ileum, after which the skin and the underlying subcutaneous tissue dissect, a cut of the muscle and tendon layer is performed.

At the final stage, the vein is tied up. Operation from the mini-access and endoscopic methods are considered more sparing.

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