Swimsuit shorts: fashion novelties

With the advent of summer, every woman wants to spend a holiday on the coast of the sea or the ocean, and, as is known, there is no way to do without a swimsuit. Moreover, some girls try to have more than one beach attire, but several. It can be a swimsuit shorts, bikinis, fused or separated, dark, bright or light. Fortunately, the choice of beach suits today is simply huge.

Many girls choose swimsuits with shorts. They can not only swim and sunbathe, but also stroll along the waterfront, drink soft drinks in the cafe or visit discos. All this is due to the fact that swimsuits shorts are not too frank, of course, provided that they are not represented in the form of the sexiest version.

However, to make the swimsuit shorts can be worn on people during the rest, it should be not only moderately frank, but correctly selected by the figure. After all, even the most chic and expensive beach outfit can not justify the hopes of the girl to look charming, if it is improperly selected.

So, when choosing a swimsuit with shorts, first of all it is necessary to pay attention to its size. He should measure your figure to the best extent, in no case create additional folds in different places. A huge popularity in the current season is used knitted beach suits shorts. They are able to perfectly emphasize the elegance of lines and the harmony of your figure. In it you will look very fashionable and creative. The only "but": a knitted swimsuit with shorts can only be bought by a slender girl, since on a woman of magnificent shapes he will look vulgar.

Full beauties should pay attention to another novelty of this season - separate swimsuits with shorts in retro style. In this outfit, you will feel quite comfortable, because the overstated waist of shorts will hide all the shortcomings of the figure. Beach suits with shorts with high waist are also perfect for girls with a problematic tummy - stretch marks, scars, a few extra centimeters will be invisible. This model perfectly emphasizes the waistline, but the hips in it seem more voluminous, so the choice is yours!

As for the colors in which you can buy a swimsuit with shorts, the most popular are monochrome models of different colors, as well as leopard and tiger motifs.

Especially spectacularly look solid, separate or tankini-swimsuits with shorts in golden, silvery, pink and shining ultramarine shades.

Lovers of bright colors can choose bright acid colors - orange, light green, lemon or coral. In dresses of such coloring, you can shine not only with a bronze tan, but also with a beach suit.

As you can see, the choice of swimsuits with shorts this year is just huge. You only need to devote a little time to his choice, and during your beach vacation you will look just irresistible. Have a nice holiday!

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