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SUSU: Architecture and Construction Faculty. Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship SUSU

SUSU is one of the most beautiful universities in the city of Chelyabinsk. It is rich in universal traditions, long-term experience in the production of specialists, excellent reputation. He is one of the top thirty Russian universities and the top 500 in the world.

History of SUSU (briefly)

The University was founded in 1943, after the Stalingrad Mechanical Institute returned from evacuation to its native lands. It was decided to create a smithy of workers and scientists in the capital of the Southern Urals. So there was the Chelyabinsk Mechanical Engineering Institute.

At the beginning of its journey in the university there were only two faculties: mechanical engineering and tank. But the post-war time required new specialists, and ChmiM began to actively develop.

In 1950 the ChMMI was reorganized into the Chelyabinsk Polytechnic Institute, to which it stayed until 1990. Since 1951, the construction of campus buildings (main, laboratory, thermotechnical buildings, hostels) has been actively conducted.

Sports societies appeared at the institute (the Palace of Sports, track and field athletics arena), a printing house, a radio, a newspaper.

Since 1963, STEM (the future "Mannequin") has been working at the institute. Since 1968, the festival "Spring CPI" ("Spring SUSU" at present) has become traditional.

Since 1985, the rector of the university was GP. Vyatkin, thanks to which SUSU acquired a new status and became one of the best educational institutions of the country.

In 1997, the superstructure of the main building of SUSU began, two floors appeared, as well as a tower and a spire. On the roof of the building there are sculptures of Prometheus, carrying the fire of knowledge, and the goddess Nicky. Before the main entrance to the building is a monument to a student who (according to legend) brings good luck to the session.

November 18, 1997 ChPI renamed the South Ural State University. In 2010, they received the status of "National Research Institute".

Faculty of SUSU

To date, SUSU has thirty-two faculties. Some of them are called the Institute. He received the combined faculties (for example, physical culture and service and industry). Each faculty is rich in its own history. The Museum of SUSU keeps records with the most important events in the life of each faculty.

Graduating chairs are waiting for their entrants in the new school year to make them real professionals, successful personalities and happy people. Each faculty of SUSU is original, in its own way beneficial. Everything depends on the preferences of those who enter there. For example, the faculty of journalism has its own television (SUSU-TV), radio, newsroom. The Historical Faculty spends every summer excavations (for example, in Arkaim). The International Faculty offers students an amazing practice abroad.

Faculties of SUSU in Chelyabinsk have many advantages. They can be enumerated endlessly.

Distance learning

Not all faculties of SUSU in Chelyabinsk in 2015 offer correspondence courses. It will be presented only in eleven faculties.

  1. Faculty of Journalism (two specialties).
  2. Correspondence Engineering and Economics Faculty (more than ten specialties).
  3. Historical Faculty (two specialties).
  4. Institute of Economics, Trade and Technology (eleven specialties).
  5. International faculty (four specialties).
  6. Faculty of training law enforcement officers (two specialties).
  7. Faculty of Psychology (Psychology).
  8. Institute of Sport, Tourism and Service (eight specialties).
  9. Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship SUSU (six specialties).
  10. Faculty of Economics and Management (five specialties).
  11. Faculty of Law (Jurisprudence).

Correspondence faculties of SUSU offer their entrants extensive opportunities to choose their favorite specialties. The correspondence form of training makes it possible to combine work with study, has a facilitated option for admission and a low cost.

After graduating from the correspondence faculty, there are many opportunities to stay working in your home university or at the enterprise where the graduating department organized the practice.

SUSU: Architecture and Construction Faculty

Prepares specialists for work in the field of construction, cadastres, land management, as well as heat and power engineering. One of the oldest and most prestigious faculties of SUSU. The Architecture and Construction Faculty was founded in 1952. Since then, much has changed there. Many modernized laboratories with equipment from the world's best manufacturers have appeared. A lot of students from SUSU architecture and construction faculty have made really significant personalities of the city and country (VA Tupikin - Minister of Construction of the Chelyabinsk region, O.B. Klimov - Deputy Governor, etc.).

Training is conducted by eight departments with an excellent pedagogical composition. Some of the professors of SUSU architecturally-building faculty have grown up within their walls.

Architecture faculty

The architectural design has been taught at the university since 1989, however, the architecture department of SUSU was established only in 2002. Training is conducted at three departments (architecture, design, design and visual arts).

In addition to architectural design, urban planning and landscape architecture, students will have the opportunity to learn painting, sculpture.

Despite the fact that the School of Architecture of the Southern Urals is young enough, its graduates work successfully in their specialty not only in their native country, but also beyond its borders (Vietnam, Australia, Great Britain).

Faculty of Economics and Entrepreneurship SUSU

Was formed in 1987. Depending on what needs appeared in society, the faculty also changed (there appeared specialties "Economics and Law", "Hospitality", etc.). E & P works in close cooperation with St. Petersburg universities, as well as training specialists in the United States.

At the faculty there are eight graduating departments. The faculty is highly professional, it includes five academicians, fifteen professors, more than forty associate professors, as well as many practicing teachers.

International faculty

The International Faculty of SUSU is one of the youngest and most promising faculties of the university. It operates six graduating departments, which train specialists of international class.

The faculty is called the international business school. They implement not only domestic programs, but also adopt the experience of teaching foreign universities, including the Open University of Great Britain.

Education at the international faculty meets all world standards, when graduating, the specialist receives not only the diploma of SUSU, but also certificates of British institutes.

Faculty of Law

Jurisprudence and all nearby specialties were taught at SUSU in the Faculty of Economics and Law, but in 2003 it was decided to establish a law faculty.

To date, the graduates of the department are seven chairs, employing thirteen doctors of sciences and about seventy candidates.

At the disposal of students is a large Law Library, the Courtroom, the Criminalistics Laboratory of SUSU. The Faculty of Law was one of the first in the country to receive accreditation of Russian lawyers.

Yurfak closely cooperates with the Central Internal Affairs Directorate of the Chelyabinsk region, with regional courts (arbitration, appellation), the Department of Justice, the Department of the Judicial Department, etc.

Famous graduates

SUSU loves and remembers all its graduates, but some are more proud of it. They achieved a lot in their careers and lives, served or served the good of their country. For example,

  • V.B. Khristenko is Minister of Industry and Trade.
  • S.L. Komyakov - Chairman of the Government of the Chelyabinsk region.
  • F.I. Kovalev - Chief Metallurgist of the Ministry of Automotive Industry of the USSR.
  • G.P. Vyatkin - President of SUSU, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.
  • A.L. Shestakov - rector of SUSU.
  • V.V. Myakush - Chairman of the Legislative Assembly of the Chelyabinsk region.
  • P.I. Sumin is the ex-governor of the Chelyabinsk region.
  • M.Yu. Yurevich - ex-governor of the Chelyabinsk region.
  • Maria Savinova - champion of the Olympic Games in London (running at 800 m).

Very many graduates turned out to be representatives of the authorities after a lapse of years, many went their straight way, they worked exactly on the received specialty and eventually started to run the factories and large companies. Some of the graduates are just starting their way into adulthood and can not boast of such achievements. But this is only for the time being.

Graduates, who are proud of the South Ural State University, can not be counted. All of them deserve the title of a graduate of SUSU and they set an excellent example for future generations of students.

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