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Star biography: Gazmanov Oleg Mikhailovich

A poet, composer and performer of beautiful songs that have become beloved by all the Russian people and not only, Oleg Gazmanov, whose biography interests many admirers of his work, began his musical career quite late. Despite this, he was able to succeed and not only found the cause of his life, but also won the hearts of millions of fans around the world. He surprisingly knows how to combine folk motifs with popular rock and pop music. In addition to the fact that he himself performs on stage, he writes songs for many other stars of the Russian stage.

Biography: Gazmanov Oleg Mikhailovich in his childhood

The future singer was born in 1951 on July 22 in Gusev (Kaliningrad region) in the family of a professional military doctor and cardiologist. Both father and mother Oleg went through the war, the boy was left without a father early. He began to study music first at the level of a hobby, learned to play the violin at a music school. Oleg Gazmanov has a congenital heart disease since childhood, but despite this and the prohibitions of his mother, he was engaged in sports - gymnastics. Oleg Mikhailovich even Candidate Master of Sports.

Biography: Gazmanov - changes

After school the guy decided to enter an engineer in KVIMU and graduated with a red diploma. After graduation, he was invited to teach at the department, and Oleg Mikhailovich devoted a certain period of his life to science. But he very soon realized that during the stagnation in the country it was difficult to realize any progressive ideas, therefore he left a successful career as a research fellow and started to work on music. He became a member of the collective of the Atlantic group, popular at that time in Kaliningrad. In 1969, he sang the song "White Snow" for the first time, which later will be included in the arsenal of the singer Valery Leontiev and will become "Songs of the Year" in 20 years. In 1977 Oleg Mikhailovich continues to receive musical education in Kaliningrad Muses. School. After he became a member of the VIA "Blue Bird", and later sang in the "Galaxy".

Biography: Oleg Gazmanov - first real success

True glory came to the artist only after 20 years of his stage life. In 1987, the son of Oleg Gazmanov, Rodion, performs the song written by the pope about the dog "Lucy", which became megapopular among both children and adults. Subsequently, Oleg Mikhailovich and Rodion recorded a whole album of children's songs.

In 1989, the country heard the song "Squadron", which lasted more than eighteen months at the top of the domestic charts. The first album was recorded and Gazmanov together with the group "Squadron" go on a concert tour of the cities of Russia and Europe. The musicians collected to the limit the filled stadiums.

Biography: Gazmanov Oleg Mikhailovich Today

For a forty-year period of creativity, Oleg Gazmanov has achieved a great deal - he wrote and performed a lot of songs, loved by millions of listeners, he found true folk love. His achievements in the field of music were appreciated: he is a seven-time holder of the Ovatsiya Prize, a fifteen-time winner of The Song of the Year, People's Artist of Russia, a Knight of the Order of Honor of the Russian Federation, winner of the festival The World Music Awards.

Oleg Mikhailovich, throughout his artistic life, is engaged in charity, and is also a member of the Union of Moscow Writers, the Council of the Ministries of Defense and Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation.

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