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Legendary composition of the Beatles. History of formation

Rock and roll, country, 60s, Liverpool ... And the memory helpsfully: "The Beatles", forcing the heart to knock in unison with the famous hits. Magnificent Liverpool ensemble literally blew up the already inaccurate and foolish city, and later - and the whole world. The Beatles, as we all remember, consisted of four performers. But how did the British rock group produce a band that made it possible to make art of world scale and popularity from rock music? By the way, none of the participants in the Beatles had a serious professional education! However, this is how the legend and original talent is born, which is forged and beats by a revolutionary hammer on a ring of copper hearts.

A little boy John Lennon was bored with singing in a church choir. Loving mother with pleasure helped her son to master the harmonica. This turned out to be more than enough that by the age of 15 the teenager had an irresistible desire to create his own team. This was the basis of "The Quarrymen". A year later Paul McCartney accidentally heard the group near one of the parish churches of the Liverpool district. On the guitar, he played much better than Lennon, and John appreciated the talent of the teenager and invited him to the band. However, Paul came not alone, but took with him a friend of George Harrison. With the arrival in 1959 of Stuart Sutcliffe, the band changed its name to "The Silver Beetles", which translates to "silver beetles".

In 1960, the newly-born band toured the Hamburg beer halls, chanting Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Buddy Holly. The drummer at that time was Peter Best, Ringo Starr also successfully played in another Liverpool team. At this time, John Lennon changed the name to "The Beatles", and by the end of 1961 the band had personal manager Brian Epstein, who dressed the musicians in jackets from Pierre Cardin and urged him to release long bangs instead of Presley style hairstyles. The boss of "Beatles" got tempting contracts with European record companies, but it was discovered that the drummer Best does not fit in the format. The composition of the Beatles group had to be changed. August 16, the musicians announced Best about his departure, and already on the 18th the band performed with Ringo Starr.

So, the composition of the Beatles finally took shape in the historical four, which blew up the charts and British concerts. Since the summer of 1963, "Beatlemania" began to grow at a rapid pace. In October of that year, a concert of a popular band that performed in London's Palladium watched 15 million Britons. The success of the first album "Please Please Me" was phenomenal. A magnificent four to the car had to be seen off with a police uniform. By 1965, Beatlemania had reached the shores of the United States. By the way, American music companies treated the Beatles with a great deal of skepticism and did not release the records of the band until 1964, when the EMI management still took a chance and presented the listeners with the album "Meet The Beatles". Critics were mistaken - the success of the record was staggering. Thanks to this triumph, the Liverpool Four got a ticket to American sites. The legendary hit "Yesterday" was heard at the New York stadium in 1965.

Records of albums, shooting in films, performances - the legendary collective was at the top of success. When, in August 1967, Brian Epstein dies. The Beatles gathered at McCartney to decide the future. The disintegration of the group was inevitable, each of the participants gradually began parallel individual creativity, and the joint singles lost their collective atmosphere. Quartet "The Beatles", whose composition has done a tremendous job in the world of music, left the stage. In August 1969, the last studio album "Abbey Road" was recorded. In July 1970, Paul McCartney officially announced the end of the existence of the Beatles. The legendary four left the listener in the 70's. Their time was rebellious 60's, but the era of "The Beatles" will last forever.

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