Simeiza sanatoriums: review, description, features

The azure sea, pebble beaches, healing climate, picturesque landscapes, mountains covered with juniper, monuments of architecture, ancient parks - all this splendor is in a small, but very cozy village on the southern coast of Crimea called Simeiz.

From the north, the mountains cover the village from cold winds and bad weather. A mixture of mountain and sea air creates a unique climate, which is very favorable for the human body. In Simeiz, during the Soviet era, several sanatoriums were built, which still function today.

Simeiz sanatoriums, and several of them, work year-round and specialize mainly in the prevention and treatment of pulmonary diseases, since the air, saturated with juniper, needles and iodine, is ideal for this.

Sanatorium "Simeiz"

The profile of the health resort is the treatment and prevention of diseases of the respiratory system of the body, and besides this, patients with diseases of the vessels, heart and nervous system undergo rehabilitation.

Every year the sanatoriums of Simeiz take about 20,000 people. The factors created by nature are the main attractions of these places.

Sanatorium "Simeiz" is located in the center of the village in an old picturesque park. The territory of the park is more than seven hectares. About two hundred species of various coniferous and deciduous trees grow here, thus creating a unique climate.

Accommodation of holidaymakers

The sanatorium has several buildings for accommodation.

The main building is a snow-white four-storey building with magnificent architecture, located in the middle of the park two hundred meters from the sea. Here the whole medical base, dining room and rooms for tourists are concentrated. All rooms with private facilities, class standard, junior suite and suite.

Klimatopavilon - two-story building near the sea. All rooms have a sea view and a shared balcony. In this building rooms are all with shared facilities on the floor.

The building "Moscow" is located by the sea, has three floors. The building is designed for group rest and treatment of children. In this building, rooms are three-, four-, five- and six-bedded with a toilet and shower on the floor.

Sanatorium "Semashko"

Simeiz is rich in various health resorts. In the quiet place of the village the oldest sanatorium named after NA Semashko functions. Since the 1920s, this health resort has been operating. This is the essence of the sanatorium. Here everything is simple and reliable. A classic holiday by the sea in picturesque Simeiz is combined with classical medicine. The health resort can not boast of any new types of treatment.

The profile of the sanatorium "Semashko" is similar to what was described for the sanatorium "Simeiz". Treat here diseases of the respiratory system, nervous system, rheumatism, hypertension, heart disease, as well as other general therapeutic diseases.

The sanatorium has several buildings. The buildings "Primorye", "Solbi" and the building "Dolphin" have ordinary economy-class rooms. The shower and toilet for these rooms are on the floor. There is also no TV in them. Such a "sovdepovskie" numbers, in which ordinary citizens of our country rested during the Soviet period.

In the building "Dnepr" there are rooms above the class with private facilities in the room.

The hull is new - "Miro-Mare", or rather not new, but after reconstruction. Here in every room there is a TV, refrigerator and new furniture. Shower and toilet for two rooms, total.

Meals for the guests are provided by the "breakfast, lunch, dinner" system in the dining room of the sanatorium.

On the territory of the sanatorium there are sports grounds, a zone for rest with children, a hair salon, a gym, a parking lot.

Sanatorium "Youth"

Children's sanatorium "Youth" (Simeiz) is another health resort of the village. There is a sanatorium at the foot of the famous mountain Cat in a juniper grove. This is also one of the old establishments Simeiz.

The sanatorium accepts children from 10 to 17 years of age for rest all the year round. Profile of the health resort - pulmonology - treatment of tuberculosis and pulmonary diseases.

All rooms are designed for 4-5 people. Rooms without amenities, the most common. There is a school in the sanatorium.

The territory of the sanatorium is buried in the greenery of the park, surrounded by a fence and protected.

Features of health resorts Simeiza

All the sanatoriums of Simeiz have their own pebble beaches. The beach of the sanatorium "Simeiz" is equipped with sunbeds. The road to the beach from all the sanatoria goes through the park.

Simeiz - the village is small, so one health resort from another is in walking distance. The resort infrastructure of the village is very developed. There is a small promenade with cafes and bars. In the center of the village there is a market where you can buy local vegetables and fruits, as well as everything you need.

The popular place of Simeiz is the cypress alley.

Sanatoriums of Simeiz are state institutions subordinate to the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation. To date, the treatment base is slowly being updated, the buildings are being repaired, and the territory is ennobled.

The climatic conditions of these places are unique and unique, that's why Russian citizens of Simeiza sanatorium are very much needed.

Prices for rest and treatment in health resorts depend on the conditions of accommodation and the season.

So, for example, in the sanatorium "Simeiz" the price for accommodation (accommodation, treatment, meals) per person - from 1000 to 4600 rubles per day. Rest in the sanatorium "Semashko" - from 1200 per person per day. In sanatorium "Youth" basically budgetary places, children are sent on permits from medical institutions.

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