Shrub lilies in your garden

Fine and delicate, lilies in their decorative qualities are not inferior to roses and are used by gardeners for well-deserved love. There is an ancient Greek legend that attributes flowers to the origin of the milk of the goddess Hera, who fed her son Ares. A magnificent flower attracts a pleasant aroma, a variety of colors and varieties.

Of the most popular varieties, you can call Asian hybrids. These include such varieties as "delta", "tinos", "Loretto", "marlene". In the latter often occurs the fusion of several stems into one. From this came the name - bushy lilies, it is firmly entrenched in the people.

These varieties are good winter hardiness and unpretentious in care. Their various colors are devoid of flavor. Their shape can resemble a turban, a bowl. There are double varieties. In color there are dense pink, pure white, black-purple, tangerine-red.

In the photo of bushy lilies, you can see what beautiful and spectacular flowers it is. Especially large large varieties will look great in compositions with other plants. They will form a bright background, behind the perennial asters, phloxes, echinacea. Flowers can be planted in separate groups.

In order for the bush lilies to develop properly, we need to prepare a soil for them. Flowers prefer loose, well drained nutrient soil, it can have a weakly acidic or neutral reaction. Plant them in a well-lit and heated by the sun. At the same time, flowers can grow in the shade. To keep the surface of the soil warm, you need to remove mulch and weeds in time around the stems of flowers. Do not plant the plant under the trees, where it will not reach the light. A flower transplant is advised to be carried out for 2 or 3 years after planting.

If you want your garden to be decorated with a lily of the bush, the plant should be planted as follows. You can grow a flower with the help of daughter bulbs, bulbots, scales. The bulb should be planted in the soil inland by one and a half centimeters, while it is necessary that its sharp part is directed upwards, then completely covered with earth. Plants should be placed one from another at a distance of ten centimeters. Watering regularly. The soil should be moderately moist. Water is advised to pour directly under the root and avoid it falling on the leaves. The soil is recommended to loosen to improve the aeration. This operation must be done carefully, so as not to damage the plant.

Need to feed the bush lilies, suitable for this mineral or nitrogen fertilizer. Wood ash allows you to protect plants from disease-causing fungi. You can add manure, but you can not use it fresh. Due to the overabundance of the fertilizer, bulbs can be poorly formed. When buds appear, it is recommended to add ammonium nitrate.

In general, shrub lilies do not require special care and are very convenient for breeding in the garden. The flower is resistant to low temperatures, therefore it tolerates even severe frosts.

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