Shouldy shoulders be a virtue or a disadvantage?

In the warm season, both men and women bare their shoulders. And if, preparing for this period, they begin to actively lose weight, perform exercises for the feet and hands, then for some reason they rarely think about this part of the body. What should a person do if he has naturally sloping shoulders? Many people consider this feature a disadvantage.

Sloping shoulders - the impression of fragility

So, more. To say which shoulders are beautiful, in fact impossible. Everyone has his own ideas about beauty. Some people like the wide and straight, and someone - narrow and sloping shoulders. In a word, as they say, "on taste and color". But the most important thing is the general harmony.

Narrow, sloping shoulders to date, the ideal of a woman still does not match. In fashion, the image of an energetic, active, athletic personality. Well, thanks to sloping shoulders, the impression is created that their owner is not only a fragile woman, but even weak-willed. In addition, this feature disrupts the proportions of the figure, and therefore requires correction. So what should I do?

Expand visually

The sloping shoulders are in fact no particular problem. They can be enlarged visually with the help of the right cut, texture and coloring of the material, special details of the clothing design. Designers recommend using wide collars, vtachnye sleeves, flops, neckline with a horizontal neckline, shoulder pads.

Horizontal lines allow you to create the illusion of width. Therefore, the bands in the shoulder region on the material can also visually expand them. To date, many designers use a fashionable technique called "color blocks" - colored, horizontally oriented strips.

Cutouts and collars

Now about the most common ways of visual correction of a figure. In any fashion magazine you can see and understand how to hide sloping shoulders. The photos indicate the use of coquette, special cut-outs and collars.

So, in knitwear for "expanding the shoulders" use coquette, allocated by light shades and convex pattern. The perfect option will be wide cuts "quads" or "boat", complemented by sleeves with an assembly near the pellet, wings or lanterns. The silhouette of the figure is noticeably balanced. But this is only for thin women. Lush ladies are not interested in assembling in the shoulder area. They have enough vtachnyh sleeves in combination with a wide neckline. You can also combine materials by color. Light or with a contrast pattern - at the top of the product. Dark monophonic material - at the bottom.

The volume of the shoulders is well enlarged and the wide collars. In summer clothes - collars-frills, in winter - fur collars. These include also removable accessories and boas. In a word, it is not so difficult to look fashionable and harmonious.

Even swimsuits!

Even on the beach you can slightly "expand" sloping shoulders. Photos from women with rest are always available in sufficient quantity. So ladies with sloping shoulders should have special models of swimsuits, in which the necessary details are clearly traced. For example, at the top of the straps should be located as wide as possible. The combination of fabrics in color - as in other elements of the wardrobe. That is, a light and colored top, a monochrome and a dark bottom.

An excellent option - the use of "tankini". This swimsuit consists of shorts and a topic with wide straps. This significantly increases the chances of success in the visual expansion of the shoulders.

How to adjust sloping shoulders (photo)

For men, "business wand" or business jackets will allow you to visually enlarge your chest and shoulders. To achieve the same goal, the wide lapels are perfect. Women prefer large men, acting as real defenders.

Looking at the photo of women's clothing, we can say that the ladies have more variations. As a rule, they use volumetric sleeves (assembly at the pellet, wings, lanterns, buffers), epaulets, large collars, shoulder pads. Shoulders shoulder line really straighten, shoulder straps raise them. The voluminous sleeves again went into fashion. In general, choose what you like best! A great way to lift the shoulder line to thin girls and at the same time look very stylish - wearing bolero with puffs or lanterns.

But from what it is worth noting, it is:

  • From open clothes without sleeves;
  • Raglan and sleeves of the "bat" type;
  • kimono;
  • Clothes with a deflated armhole;
  • Shawls;
  • Models with V-shaped notches, which do not expand the shoulders, but, on the contrary, narrow.

Do not forget to also try to keep your back and head straight, lifting your chin slightly. And in the rest you will be helped by properly selected clothes.


So, if nature has rewarded you with sloping shoulders, do not despair. You can always hide this small flaw if you want. However, for a woman this is less important than for a man. Many, on the contrary, consider sloping shoulders the dignity of a female figure. Hide them or be proud of them - it's up to you. Do not forget that the standards of beauty have their own. Moreover, everything depends on your figure in general. Perhaps the constitution of your body is in harmony with the sloping shoulders. Do not rush to hide this feature, if it does not actually spoil you, and maybe even decorates it.

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