Short sweater with a short sleeve: ways of knitting, photos, schemes

A short sweater with a short sleeve is an extremely useful piece of clothing. For many girls bolero and short blouses have become almost indispensable. Due to the wide opportunities that open before knitters, the wardrobe can be enriched with warm short vests, spring jackets and short summer robe.

How can I tie a short blouse?

There are a lot of blouse models. Their number annually is supplemented by a huge number of designer products and independent developments of skilled workers around the world. Thanks to the world wide web, all knitters can use what has ever been posted on the web. Therefore, many women's jackets resemble popular trends or, conversely, belong to classical models.

Bolero can be linked in several ways, among which the most popular are two:

  1. Manufacturing of blouses by the traditional method.
  2. Work on a simplified pattern (rectangle).

The first method involves knitting shortened gear parts, backs and sleeves. The second is to make a rectangle with its subsequent stitching in a certain way.

Short sweater with short sleeves: classic method

Such products can be tied together with a whole cloth. In this case, they begin to create from the neck and add loops to exit the sleeve of raglan. These women's jackets can be decorated with a lace yoke, as in the photo, or be very simple.

Quite common models, the main details of which are connected by a simple sirloin grid, and the main decorative role is assigned to a wide harness. By the way, it's the delicate strapping that is the hallmark of the bolero. This element is present in almost all models.

The classic method of making blouses is perfect for those skilled workers who prefer to work with knitting needles. When using thick cotton or viscose, you can get a very interesting short sweater with knitting needles. The dense yarn emphasizes well the texture of the yarn.

A simple method of knitting a short blouse

Any yarn without exception is suitable for such work. Depending on its thickness and composition, the craftsman chooses the pattern and style. The jacket is short, crochet bound, depicted in the next photo, made of very fine yarn (about 550 m / 100 grams).

In total, 200 grams of material was needed.

As follows from the diagram, the pattern of a single bolero part consists of a rectangle.

Its dimensions are shown in the drawing. The length of the sleeve can be adjusted at your own discretion, as well as other parameters. The total length of the sleeve on the diagram is equal to twenty centimeters of linen and seven centimeters of strapping (total 27 cm). If the wizard needs a short sweater with a short sleeve, she should knit a rectangle 54 cm long + the planned length of the sleeve. The recommended value is 5-10 cm, then with the strapping the sleeve will be 12-17 cm.

The width of the canvas is calculated by measuring the arm circumference. For the size 44-46, you can use the numbers shown in the diagram. In order not to be mistaken with the number of rapports, you need to tie a control sample.

Beginning of work

Link a chain of 133 air loops (VP) to work with seven rapports and three more loops to rise. Then the boleros are knitted as follows:

  1. Work by checking the pattern of the main pattern (pictured left). They knit straight without additions and cuts to a height of 47 cm.
  2. Then the work is stopped and returned to the typing edge. Along the initial chain of VPs, the same rectangle is knitted as before, but in the opposite direction. In the diagram, the direction indicated is indicated by arrows.
  3. When the main part is ready, it is stitched along the long sides by 20 cm from one side and the other (or the planned length of the sleeve).
  4. The resulting product must be tyed. First of all, you need to perform one row of columns without a crochet along all open edges of the canvas.
  5. Then, along the circumference of one of the arms, all ten rows of strapping are performed. It is necessary to watch, that it did not pull together a detail, but also looked ruffles.
  6. The same actions will need to be repeated for the second sleeve and for the circular line of the top and bottom.

Completion of knitting

At the last stage you need to fill and cut all the tails. Then the bolero should be steamed from the iron, avoiding direct contact of its sole with the canvas.

Under the influence of temperature, the knitting becomes uniform. If the thread is very soft, before heat treatment, put the product on a flat surface and pin it with pins.

A ready-made short jacket with a short sleeve will perfectly serve on cool summer days for a trip to work or somewhere after it.

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