Shackman dump trucks and their characteristics

Shackman dump trucks have been on the sales leader list for a long time. Consumers know and trust the technique of this manufacturer.

The manufacturer offers a technique with different wheel formulas. There are only three of them: 6x6, 6x4 and 8x4. Let's consider each of these groups separately.

Shakman models with wheelbase 6x4

Dump trucks "Shakman", related to this group of vehicles, are able to carry cargoes with a total mass of up to 25 thousand kilograms. The curb weight of the car reaches 14.3 thousand pounds. It becomes clear that the full weight of the truck reaches 39.3 thousand pounds.

As the power unit is installed a diesel engine with 6 cylinders. Their working volume is 9.7 liters. The engine is 336-strong. In addition, the engine is characterized by a liquid-type cooling system, the presence of an intercooler with direct fuel injection, turbocharging. The model sets a gearbox, which has 14 speeds. The model develops a speed of 85 kilometers per hour. These indicators are typical for the modification of SX3255DR384.

The modification of the SX3255DR384C is distinguished by a more powerful engine (345 horsepower). The working volume of the motor is 10.8 liters. This increases the maximum speed to 92 kilometers per hour. The other characteristics are similar to the previous model.

Dump truck "Shakman": characteristics of models 8x4

This group of cars also includes two models: SX3315DR366 and SX3315DT366C. They have similar characteristics. The volume of the body is 26 cubic meters. It is achieved due to the following body dimensions:

  • The length is 7.6 meters.
  • The width is 2.3 meters.
  • The height is 1.5 meters.

Dump trucks "Shakman" of this group are equipped with a comfortable cabin, which accommodates a berth. Among the available options can be identified air conditioning, power windows, hydraulic coupling, electric drive of rear-view mirrors.

As for the powertrains, they are similar to those used for the cars discussed in the previous section.

Models with a wheelbase 6x6

Shackman dumpers of this group are equipped with bodies with a length of 5.6 meters, a width of 2.3 meters and a height of 1.5 meters. Their volume is 19 cubic meters. The total mass of the car is 41 tons. The dumper is capable of carrying loads of up to 25 tons.

There are two engine variants:

  • With a volume of 11.6 liters and a capacity of 375 horsepower.
  • 9.7-liter engines with a power of 336 hp.

The Shakman technique has good power and good payload capacity. Due to this, it is used in construction, industry, for transportation of large loads and in other branches of the national economy.

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