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Severe chills: causes. Why is there a great chill at night?

There are many symptoms that may indicate a completely different disease. This article will talk about what a chill.

What it is?

At the very beginning, you need to understand the main term that will be used in the article. So, chills are inherently a spasm of those blood vessels that are closest to the human skin. Speaking about chill, people often mean:

  1. Sensation of cold.
  2. Shivering and spasm of muscles (trembling in the body).
  3. The appearance of the so-called goose-skin.

By itself, chills can appear at any time of the day, regardless of the type of human activity.

Reason 1. ARVI

If a person has chills, the reasons for this can be very different. However, most often they are associated with colds. Chills are the first symptom that signals that something is wrong with the body. And a little later, there may be other signs: cough, runny nose and even fever. However, the disease can be "killed on the vine". For this, as soon as a chill, you have to get your feet, drink warm tea, get under the blanket and fall asleep.

Cause 2. Infectious diseases

Why else can there be chills? The causes can be concealed in various kinds of infectious diseases (for example, the flu). The temperature does not immediately rise, it will increase only after the day after infection. After about 24 hours, other symptoms will appear.

Cause 3. Pressure jumps

If a person has a strong chill, you can try to look for the cause in pressure. So, if there are sharp jumps - raising or falling, - the patient can shiver, and the cold can also be felt. To cope with the problem, you need to normalize the pressure.

Reason 4. Psychological

If a person has a strong fever without fever, the reasons may be hiding in a psychoemotional disorder. So, this symptom arises often due to stressful situations, fatigue, agitation, or even the usual lack of sleep.

Reason 5. Diet

If the girl is tormented by a constant chill, the reasons for this can be looked for in her diet. So, experts have proved, that a similar symptom often arises in those ladies who like to sit on various kinds of diets. Everything happens because the metabolism slows down, which can lead to a similar state.

Cause 6. Overheating or hypothermia

The climatic conditions can also provoke the occurrence of chills. Often, this symptom appears after hypothermia of the body or its overheating in the sun.

Reason 7. Injury

Why else can a person get chills? The causes are also associated with injuries. So, if a person recently got injured and had a shock, there may be a similar symptom.

Cause 8. Diseases

Doctors say that chills can also cause certain diseases that are not associated with a cold. When can this symptom arise?

  1. Incorrect thyroid function. In addition to chills, there will immediately be symptoms such as fever, fatigue and lethargy (symptomatic, similar to colds).
  2. Hormonal disorders can also cause a problem such as chills. In this case, most often talk about diabetes.
  3. The strongest chills can cause a disease like malaria.

Reason 9. Women's

Why do women have chills? Reasons in this case can be as follows:

  1. Emotional fluctuations. It will not be a secret to anyone that women are more emotional than men. Even a little overtired, the lady can begin to feel cold. Cope with this situation can be quite easy: you need to drink chamomile tea, listen to pleasant music and take a warm bath. In some cases, you can also take a sedative (for example, a medicine called Glycine).
  2. Chills in women can also alternate with hot flashes. This is possible if the woman is experiencing a menopause. To cope with the problem, you need to seek help from an endocrinologist or gynecologist (this problem is associated with changes in the hormonal background of the lady).
  3. Menses. Infrequent women may experience chills during their monthly discharge - menstruation. This condition often appears in the first days of excreta. Other possible symptoms: weakness, fatigue, poor performance, pain in the lower abdomen.

A night chill

Sometimes people have chills at night. The reasons for this condition can be as follows:

  1. Night chills and sweating are often observed in diabetics.
  2. Shiver at night can those people who have hyperhidrosis - a strong sweating. However, this will be due to the fact that a person simply can freeze, resting on sheets soaked with sweat.
  3. Night chills also often disturb people who suffer from hemorrhoids. However, this symptom usually indicates complications that may begin due to the development of this disease.

When should I see a doctor?

It should be said that chills can be a symptom of a serious illness, which alone (without medical help) can not cope. In what situations should I seek advice from a doctor?

  1. If chills are accompanied by nausea, vomiting, diarrhea. In this case, poisoning, intoxication of the body, disruption of the intestinal tract is possible. If you do not provide timely adequate help, various kinds of inflammatory processes can begin.
  2. Chills can occur as a symptom of food allergy. Appears in this case, he is after receiving the product-allergen.
  3. If chills are accompanied by a cough, runny nose, fever, this may indicate that a person has a cold or flu. However, these symptoms can also occur in more serious diseases. And only the doctor can make the correct diagnosis.
  4. Chills can appear immediately after arriving from travel to exotic countries. In this case, you need to immediately go to the infectious disease specialist.
  5. If the chills are repeated periodically at the same time, and at the same time the pressure rises, you need to run to the cardiologist for an appointment. These symptoms in this case may be beacons of a disease such as hypertension. In the absence of treatment, a person may have a stroke.

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