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Selfi-Shop. How to choose a stick for Selfie?

Self-stick is not only a fashionable, but also a really necessary device. This device has many other names: phone stick, self-stick, telescopic monopod, extension for selfie. In the modern world, this device is popular with young people and older people. How to choose a stick for Selfie? The answer to this question can be found in the article below.

What is a self-stick?

Telescopic monopod is used in order that at any time you can make your photo without asking for help from outsiders. This device allows you to take pictures at an unusual angle. Thanks to the stick for the phone, you can do selfi at the same time with all the friends in the company. Also, when using this device, you get beautiful panoramic photos.

Most monopod models have a camera control button, which is built into the handle of the device. This greatly facilitates the process of creating a photo.

Time magazine counted the stick for selfi as one of the twenty-five best inventions of 2014. Statistics say that at least 25% of US residents have posted self-made ones on social networks, made with this device.

How to choose a self-stick for the phone? Below is a detailed answer to this question. And now it's time to learn how to properly use a telescopic monopod.

How to use a stick for Selfie?

For proper use of self-monopod, you need to take a smartphone, fix it on the end of the stick with a special mount and connect the mobile device using the Bluetooth function. Next, move the tripod, select the optimal angle and take a picture.

In some monopod models, the connection between them and the smartphone is not via Bluetooth, but through a special cord. This wire simply needs to be inserted into the headphone jack, after which the device is ready for use.

How to choose a self-stick for iPhone and other smartphones? First of all, it is necessary to find out what kinds of monopods exist.

Types of Self-stick sticks

There are four main types of monopods:

  1. Self-stick with Bluetooth-button on the tripod. This device works through bluetooth. The button that activates the camera is located directly on the handle of the device. This monopod requires periodic recharging of the built-in battery.
  2. Self-stick with a separate push-button. This device works via Bluetooth. Monopod with the console like snowboarders, diving enthusiasts, skiers and fishermen, that is, people who take pictures in conditions where there is a possibility of moisture on the camera.
  3. Self-stick with cord and button on the tripod. This model of the monopod communicates with the smartphone not via Bluetooth, but with the help of a wire. This cord simply plugs into the headphone jack of the mobile device. This device does not require charging, because the power is supplied by wire from the smartphone. When using this model, there is a risk of damage to the cord.
  4. Self-stick without buttons. This device works like an ordinary tripod. In order to take a photo, you need to set a timer on your smartphone. This is the cheapest stick for Selfie.

How to choose a monopod for a mobile device? Below is a description of the main criteria for which you need to pay attention. The first of these is the appearance.

Appearance of a stick for selfie

How to choose a self-stick? First of all, you should pay attention to its appearance. The device must be made of high quality materials. Plastic should not look cheap. The presence of burrs on the device is inadmissible. All surfaces must be well treated. The accuracy of the seams is another point to which attention should be paid.

The base of the monopod, on which the smartphone should be attached, should be made of durable metal. This suggests that before you a quality stick for Selfie.

How to choose a device that will reliably hold the smartphone? To do this, you need to pay attention to the mechanism for fixing the mobile device.

Mount for smartphone and its adjustment

On most models, self-fixing devices are installed, which allow you to adjust their width to securely fix the smartphone and give it a horizontal position. A special rubberized clip holds the mobile device.

Some models are equipped with a locking system that allows you to rotate the camera 180 degrees. Due to this the angle of panoramic shooting becomes even wider.

If you have an easy smartphone, then the mount can be anything. But if you take photos using heavier mobile devices, the fixation must necessarily be made against torsion.

How to choose a stick for Selfie if you need to install a camera or camcorder on it? In this case, you need to pay attention to the screw, through which the telescopic devices are fixed. Each self-stick has a metric or inch fastening thread . In the first case, the device can only fix a smartphone. But if the monopod is equipped with an inch thread, then it can be attached to it as a phone, or a video camera or camera.

How to choose a stick for Selfie and not make a mistake with the size? You need to decide what length of the device is necessary for you.

Stick length for Selfie

Telescopic monopods are of different lengths. The average index of this parameter is 23 centimeters in the folded form. The longer the device, the more mass it has.

For those who use self-sticking very often, an easy and compact device with a length of seventy centimeters to one meter is more suitable.

If you rarely use a device such as a self-stick, which one to choose the length of the device? In this case it is recommended to purchase a monopod not shorter than 105 centimeters. This will capture the largest angle of panoramic shooting.

Also there are mini monopods, which are famous for their unique compactness. They are easily placed in a backpack, pocket or purse. True, and they are not expensive.


Telescopic monopod is a device that you need to create your own photos. A smartphone is attached to such a device. The modern range of monopods is wide and varied. How to choose a stick for Selfie? First you need to decide which of the four basic types of these devices described in the article you need. Next, you need to pay attention to such parameters of the tripod as its appearance, the mechanism of fastening the smartphone and the length.

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