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Screwdriver "Soyuz": user reviews

The qualitative performance of repair and construction operations to a large extent depends on the characteristics and capabilities of the tool used. It is widely believed that only a representative of the premium segment from "Bosch" and "Makita" brands can be a truly convenient and productive tool. This is partly true, but budget products actively absorb the best solutions from older counterparts, providing more profitable offers at a price. Such products include the Soyuz screwdriver, whose reviews are highly appreciated and its performance. But, of course, belonging to the segment of power tools of an entry level causes a lot of serious flaws, which are also noted by users of this technique.

Features of Soyuz screwdrivers

The ruler of the manufacturer "Soyuz" as a whole is balanced, and in it it is possible to find solutions for different tasks. The common disadvantage of the family is only the exception of universality applied to each model. In other words, the manufacturer has to sacrifice some functions in favor of others - this is due to the variety of modifications in which the "Soyuz" screwdriver is presented. The reviews point out, for example, that the battery models are not badly pulled up in power, but they are losing their competitors in terms of structural qualities. This applies, above all, to ergonomics. At the same time, the products of this brand should be considered as a household one from the outset - this is evidenced by the price tag and the fact that, as far as possible, the developers tried to make the handles and controls of the nozzles comfortable to handle. Again, in electrical versions, these qualities are realized better than in battery analogs. But the latter have an advantage in the form of autonomy.

Comments on the model "DUS-2165"

This is the basic version of an electric screwdriver, which also has the function of a drill. According to users, the device is effective for its class copes with the primary tasks, but there are a lot of offensive nuances. Mainly criticism is directed to the quality of materials. For example, the cable jacket cracks in the frost, requiring a complete replacement. Conversely, in the operating conditions indoors, many people note a strong heating of the power fill, which forces the operator to turn off this "Soyuz" screwdriver. Reviews also compare with some battery analogs from premium manufacturers, emphasize that even against their background this model has more impressive dimensions. And this despite the fact that electrical versions traditionally have an advantage over battery versions in the form of a small mass and dimensions.

Comments about model «ДШС 3212Л»

In this case, we are considering a basic version from the category of Soyuz cordless screwdrivers. The device is optimally suited for working with screws and self-tapping screws at home, which is facilitated by a power filling with a frequency of 550 rpm. Obviously, for complex operations this is not enough, but the modest engine and determined the small size of the tool, for which many users praise this version. True, there is a serious shortcoming, which is possessed by the screwdriver "Soyuz DSS 3212L". The reviews indicate a large time interval required to completely restore the battery charge, from 3 to 5 hours depending on external conditions and the current source. By modern measures of the battery tool, which even in the middle segment is charged per hour, this is a very weak point. On the other hand, the reviews also mention the qualitative assembly of the hull and the successfully executed heat sink system.

Comments about the model «ДШС 3312Л»

This is the representative of the middle segment in the line, which received several new technological solutions and a good reserve in performance. In particular, users note the convenience in working with adjusting functions and the design of a quick-action chuck. The device has 18 stages of the frequency range, which is valuable in working with different materials. There is also a qualitative two-side reducer, which is equipped with a screwdriver "Soyuz DSS 3312L". The testimonies indicate that this model has a high-quality technical filling, which determines the efficiency of the reversal stroke and the ability to work with rigid materials. By the way, this model is battery-powered, but, unlike other representatives of this type in the family, it is equipped with a lithium-ion power unit. Such batteries are not cheap for manufacturers, but they give a lot of advantages to direct users in the process of work. It suffices to note the already mentioned charge rate.

Comments about the model «ДШС 3314Л»

This screwdriver is a modified version of the previous device. The owners of this tool also pay attention to the functionality that is optimal for the segment performance and ease of use. If we talk about the optional difference from the previous screwdriver, then the highlight will be the presence of the backlight. This addition is especially appreciated by masters, who often have to perform plumbing, installation in hard-to-reach places, etc. But there are also negative aspects of operation, which are characterized by the screwdriver "Soyuz DSS 3314L". Feedback notes the instability of work in a long-term regime. Although the battery is quite capable of handling the loads, the structural part is trembling to perform serial heavy operations. This, by the way, is inconvenient for the user himself, as the vibration transmitted to the hands increases.

Comments about the model «ДШС 3318Л»

This is one of the models that represents the highest price level in the assortment of Soyuz screwdrivers. The advantages of this device include functionality, performance, and original design. As for the working properties, the model works both in the drill mode, and as a screwdriver. At the same time, the first mode of operation allows servicing metal products. Another thing is that the practice of exploitation speaks only of the possibility of drilling a thin and soft metal. However, this depends on what nozzles are equipped with a screwdriver "Soyuz DSS 3318L". The reviews also praise the quality assembly and overall reliability of the unit. It is able to perform and serial twist - specifically for the convenience of this format of operation, a momentary brake was provided.

Comments about the model «ДШС-3218К»

The model represents the middle segment in the line. It is distinguished by a balance of power, optional provision and ergonomic properties. Usually this style of performance is applied to inexpensive devices, which manufacturers tend to position at a higher level than their actual performance allows. Despite this, there are a lot of positive comments received by this "Soyuz" screwdriver. Reviews, for example, indicate the accuracy in the operation of gears for switching the number of revolutions, the reliability of fastenings, the convenience of fixing the nozzle and the comfort in handling the rubberized body. The pluses of the model should be added and the presence of a flashlight - this is precisely the external attribute that creates the feeling of a higher class of the instrument.

Reviews about the model «ДШС-3112Е»

Another battery model, the strong side of which is the implementation of mechanical adjusting systems. For example, praise on the part of users deserved a dual-clamping quick-clamping chuck and torsion frequency tuner. That is, in the flexibility of management, this is one of the best representatives of the products of this manufacturer. As for the effectiveness of the work function, it is determined by the rigging that is supplied with this screwdriver "Soyuz DSS". Reviews in this case do not give special reasons to count on special support from the battery. In this case, the supply unit is represented by a nickel-cadmium element, which gives some advantages in terms of maintenance and operation, but it is not worth hoping for high productivity with it.

How to choose the right model?

The manufacturer has models that can be suitable for most household tasks, but professionals in this assortment should be approached with caution. In any case, in the first place, the screening is done according to the technical characteristics - the optimum power, the twisting and drilling parameters are determined. Then you can proceed to evaluate the functionality that the device should have. For example, the screwdriver "Soyuz 3314L", which highlights both high power and optional support, can well cope with the tasks of a professional master. Conversely, the initial models of the "DShS-3212" type are more suitable as an assistant to the home master.

Additional equipment: what to consider?

Users of this product often point to the importance of used attachments and, in particular, bits. The manufacturer produces different sets of such security, and of high quality. In the selection of drills and bits, one should be guided by the purpose of the element and the structural correspondence of the tool model. Also it will not be superfluous to buy auxiliary accessories that make the Soyuz cordless screwdrivers more functional. Reviews recommend purchasing high-quality charging units, and if the second battery was not included in the kit, then it is also desirable to purchase it. In the process of operation, changing the batteries allows you to shorten the time of execution of working activities.


Perhaps, the main competitive trump of the products of this brand is still the price tag. Models of the lowest link can be purchased for only 1,5-1,7 thousand rubles. For comparison - similar in the declared level of the model from the company "Bosch" are available for 3 thousand. However, it can not be said that the same great difference can be traced in the operational properties possessed by the German product and the Soyuz drill-screwdriver. The testimonies testify that in terms of functionality, for example, a domestic tool is equipped approximately the same way. In the option there is also a quick-action chuck, and stroke regulators, and a modern reverse. Nevertheless, there are differences, and they are mostly reduced to the overall quality of the components of the structure.

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