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Sanatorium "Lesnoe" in Belarus: photos and reviews

Leave should be spent with advantage. Stormy parties at discotheques of foreign resorts - this, of course, is good, but the benefit of such a holiday is unlikely to bring. Russian tourists are increasingly choosing as a destination resorts, where you can spend time in silence, peace, find a lot of interesting activities, dating, save a decent amount, and significantly improve your health. The Republic of Belarus in this regard offers many options. Excellent reviews from people who have already been there, whose plans are on the first place is improving, gets a sanatorium "Lesnoe". It's worth to get to know him better. And once you have visited it once, you will want to visit this amazing place more than once.

general information

Where is the sanatorium Lesnoye located? The Vitebsk region is a wonderful land that is famous for its picturesque nature and pleasant climate. On the shore of Lake Domashovskoe, on the border with the reserve, surrounded by mixed forests, this popular Belarusian health resort is located.

The sanatorium "Lesnoye" was founded in 1989, the last time it was reconstructed in 2001, and according to the results of certification it was assigned the 1 st spa category.

The number of rooms of this institution is 175 seats. The area of the site is 189 hectares. And all of them will be at your disposal, if you decide to come on vacation here. The territory is protected, so you do not have to worry about security.

As for trips with kids, the children here are accepted from the age of three to the main place. But medical procedures can be carried out only after coming of age.

The sanatorium "Lesnoye" has two sleeping buildings, a fitness and health center, a health-improving center, a pump-room with mineral water, and many infrastructure facilities. The choice of rooms here is quite wide: from the usual one-room to the chic apartments. All rooms are bright, spacious, equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay.


Guests in the sanatorium "Lesnoye" will not have to think about food. There is a comfortable, roomy dining room, which is located in the main building on the second floor.

The dining hall is designed for simultaneous stay in it of 180 persons, a banquet hall for 25 seats.

Many come here solely to get rid of a number of chronic diseases, including the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, the possibility to eat on a dietary and lean menu seems quite appropriate.

It is noteworthy and convenient that breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner are held in two shifts. For example, breakfast starts at 9.00 and at 9.20, and ends, respectively, at 9.40 and at 10.00. This allows you to unload space, competently organize meals for holidaymakers.

Number of rooms

All the rooms that the Lesnoye sanatorium represents (Belarus) are comfortable, equipped with everything necessary for you to enjoy your holiday. The price, which indicates the official site of the health resort, includes treatment. The cost is valid at the time of writing this article. It can vary for various reasons. Therefore, if you want to visit this cozy sanatorium financial issues need to be clarified directly with managers and administration.

  • Twin (2-bed, 1-room, in the main building). There is a toilet, a bathtub, comfortable furniture, a TV. Holidaymakers can use a refrigerator, kettle, iron (all appliances are in the room). Only one tourist is allowed, and an extra seat is provided, if necessary. One day of living in this room costs 2 thousand 186 rubles.
  • Family (2-bed, 1-room, in the main building). There is also a toilet and a bath. To services of tourists a teapot, a refrigerator, an iron, the TV, a double bed. In this case, 1 extra bed, as well as accommodation for only one tourist. The cost of one day is 2 thousand 427 rubles.
  • Suite (2-bed, 2-room, in the main building). Guests are given the opportunity to use two additional seats. The bathroom has a washbasin, bath, toilet, bidet. Rooms are equipped with comfortable and beautiful furniture (double bed, sofa, wardrobe, armchairs). The cost of living here is 3 thousand 279 rubles.
  • Single (1-bed, 1-room, in the main building). The filling of the room does not differ from the previous ones (there is everything necessary, including a shower, a washbasin, a refrigerator). The cost of living is 2 thousand 908 rubles.
  • The first category (2-bed, 1-room, in Building A). The furniture is functional, modern, there is a toilet, a shower, a telephone, etc. The cost is 1 thousand 946 rubles.
  • Family (2-bed, 2-room, in building A). One person is allowed here, two additional places are also provided. The cost of 2 thousand 427 rubles.

Buying a ticket to the sanatorium "Lesnoye", you get the opportunity not only for accommodation and meals, but also for using the infrastructure, visiting recreational activities.

In addition, the presence of a voucher is a guarantee that you will be able to use numerous medical services.

A few notes

If you book a ticket online, reservation services are paid separately. Upon arrival, you must pay a resort fee.

There is an opportunity to purchase a ticket without treatment. In this case, all the same to you, the sanatorium provides dietotherapy, oxygen cocktails, phytotea, exercise therapy, and swimming pool visits.

Therapeutic base

Sanatorium "Lesnoe" reviews get positive and grateful for having a wide medical profile. Here, people who are suffering from diseases of the respiratory system, digestion, cardiovascular system, and musculoskeletal system are successfully helping. To obtain excellent results, the following climatotherapy methods are used:

  • Heliotherapy.
  • Aerotherapy.
  • Dasotherapy.
  • Thalassotherapy.

Sanatorium "Lesnoe" offers mud therapy. Experts within the framework of such procedures apply sulphide silt mud from the Crimean peninsula, from Lake Saki. They are used in the form of local applications.

Mineral water

Famous sanatorium and its mineral waters. The results of treatment with their use are always striking. Tourists are offered sulphate-chloride calcium-sodium water, taken at a depth of 440 meters. It includes potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium. Drinking treatment with such water helps with diseases of the digestive system, metabolism, gastrointestinal diseases, gall bladder, liver, teeth and mouth. It is effective in the fight against diabetes, gout, obesity.

Equipment and surveys

All medical rooms and equipment are located in the medical-diagnostic building. There is in the sanatorium its own clinical laboratory with a glucometer, a microscope. Electrocardiography is performed on the Cardiovit apparatus. Specialists conduct ultrasound diagnostics of all organs on the apparatus "Madison".

Doctors working in the sanatorium use laboratory methods (biochemical, general clinical, infectious) and functional diagnostics (spirometry, echocardiography, Holter monitoring, etc.).

Additional Features

Excellent results are achieved in the treatment of various diseases due to aromatherapy, laser therapy, magnetotherapy. The use of the mineral water pump room also positively affects the health of the holidaymakers. This is a special balneological device, consisting of a system of water taps. It is intended for the use of mineral waters in order to preserve the natural chemical composition of water, preventing its contamination.

You can visit the shower room, gym, infrared sauna, spa capsule. Popular and hippotherapy, and reflexotherapy, and various baths (vortex, galvanic, turpentine, general).

The sanatorium employs specialists in the field of dentistry, dermatology, functional diagnostics, psychotherapy, physiotherapy, ultrasound diagnostics, acupuncture.

The health-improving institution offers comprehensive medical programs: "Weight correction", "Clean skin", "Anti-stress".

Any medical procedures are conducted daily from 8 am to 8 pm. You can definitely choose the right time.


Sanatorium Lesnoye (pictured in the article) is not only a wonderful medical institution. Tourists without any problems will find here an activity to their liking. In the summer there is a dance floor on the shore of the lake, which is well lit and designed for 200 seats. There are in the sanatorium a dance hall, a gym, a table tennis room with two tables, a children's room. The building has an ATM, a payment terminal, a boat rental service, fishing equipment, water motorcycles, skates, skis, catamarans and even a motor boat. All this is useful for active recreation on the lake. The beach is equipped with umbrellas, sun loungers, cabanas for changing clothes. And in the evening you can fry shish kebabs. On the shore of the lake there are covered arbors, which are equipped with braziers.

Leisure and entertainment

Organization of leisure in the sanatorium "Lesnoe" at altitude. There are discos, concerts of artists, entertaining and competitive programs. Administration organizes screenings of movies, sports competitions, invites guests to performances, horseback riding.

Arriving in the sanatorium "Lesnoye", you can visit various sightseeing tours to Minsk, Vitebsk, Polotsk, go through historical places during the Second World War, visit the Berezinsky Biosphere Reserve, many museums (ancient crafts, folk glory, etc.).

Reviews of tourists

Sanatorium "Lesnoy" (Belarus) reviews are mostly positive. But many people have confusion with the name of this health resort. The sanatorium in question is called "Lesnoye", it is mistaken to use the variant "Lesnoy".

In any case, tourists are satisfied. They note the rich infrastructure, high professionalism of doctors. There were no problems with the selection of the complex of procedures, specialists are included in the position of each guest and patient. The only downside is that the administration does not work on weekends, so it is not possible to contact someone from its representatives. And in general, the staff of the establishment is sympathetic and polite, according to tourists. Especially noteworthy numbers. Almost all of them have recently been refurbished, and even not too large sizes of some rooms overlap with neatness and amenities. The main thing that attracts tourists is pleasant prices, if you compare them with other sanatoriums, especially in large cities of Russia.

After treatment at home

In order to find an excellent place for rest and recreation, you do not need to travel outside the country. Russia is rich in medical institutions, including those with the same names.

What is bad about Togliatti? Sanatorium Lesnoye is also there. It stands in the depths of a dense, beautiful forest, and you can walk to the Volga coast from it. The health resort specializes in the treatment of tuberculosis, the prevention of this disease, as well as those accompanying it. Patients can walk in the woods daily, visit the cinema hall, play table tennis - relax with their soul and body. Meals are offered three times a day, the number of rooms receives excellent responses. The diet of the guests of the sanatorium mainly includes dietary meals and goat's milk. On its territory there is a farm and a workshop producing koumiss. Sanatorium "Lesnoe" (Togliatti) reviews deserve positive, tourists with pleasure come here in the future once visiting.

Where else in the vastness of Russia can you find a good health resort? Often people who want to find a sanatorium "Lesnoy" Pyatigorsk is chosen as the destination. But there is no medical institution with such a name in the city. But there is a sanatorium "Lesnaya Polyana" in Pyatigorsk. It is located in a picturesque place - on the slope of Mount Mashuk. The area of this health resort with adjoining territories is 4.84 hectares. There are two sleeping buildings, one medical and a dining room with a club. It is noteworthy that people with disabilities can easily move around in the complex on wheelchairs. Here come patients who have diseases of the peripheral, central nervous system, heart and blood vessels. There is a diagnostic department, as well as a department of restorative treatment. Feedback about the service and the results satisfied customers leave positive.

Why not visit the city of Orel? "Forest" - a sanatorium, which is not here. This refers to a specific name. But patients and tourists are grateful to speak about the multi-center "Lesnoy". It is located within the city, but in a picturesque forest area. Around only mighty oaks, white-barreled birches, slender pines and spruce. Sanatorium-preventorium "Lesnoy" gathered benevolent, highly qualified specialists under its roof. They help people with diseases of the respiratory system, heart, blood vessels, nervous system, musculoskeletal, gastrointestinal tract. Here many years are engaged in rehabilitation of those who suffered a heart attack or stroke. The infrastructure of the sanatorium also deserves positive feedback. Many possibilities are offered by the city of Orel.

"Forest" is a sanatorium that always proposes to get closer to nature, to breathe clean air in full bosom. And it does not matter in which country it is located.

Sanatorium "Lesnoe" (Belarus it will be or Russia) is a medical institution that offers its guests a lot of opportunities and chances. Get well, get rid of many diseases, adjust your figure, physical or emotional state, find new friends, enjoy outdoor recreation - all this can be accommodated in a standard vacation that you may have wasted before: at night outings or lying on the couch. Take a step towards health.

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