"Rosvoenipoteka": how to find out what amount is on the account by registration number?

Every serviceman of the former Soviet Army knows firsthand how difficult it is to get housing for a person who wears shoulder straps. Longstanding standings in apartment queues and wanderings around the garrisons absolutely did not guarantee getting the coveted square meters by the time of departure for a well deserved rest.

Preferential loan program

Today the situation is radically different. Using the program of mortgage funded loans, a serviceman can acquire personal housing after several years of service.

Each month, the state transfers a certain amount to the soldier's account, which increases every year. In 36 months, the capital accumulates enough to make the initial payment of the mortgage. Control and accrual of funds is handled by an organization called Rosvoenipoteka. How do I know how much the account balance has accumulated to one or another point? The answer to this question is very important. After all, such information allows you to properly assess their financial situation and determine the willingness to purchase housing.

The order of accumulation of funds

So, you have a military mortgage. How to find out what the amount on the account has accumulated to a certain moment, we'll tell you just below. And now let's talk about the rules for the accumulation of funds:

  • Money is received monthly on the personal account of the participant of the funded program.
  • Enumerations are carried out until the soldier issues a mortgage loan. After that, the funds begin to flow already to the account of the financial institution.
  • You can not get money on hand. And they can be used only to purchase housing.
  • Only those who are registered can participate in the program.
  • Use the accumulated funds can not be earlier than 36 months from the date of registration.
  • A participant in the program can purchase housing at a higher cost than is provided for. In this case, he will cover the difference from personal savings.
  • The bank in which mortgage registration is planned , should be accredited to participate in the program for the military.

Nevertheless, not every serviceman can decide to purchase housing even under the Rosvoenipoteka program. How to find out what the amount on the account is, is it enough for the first payment? Should I wait until I have more money? We will try to answer these questions a little later.

Rules of formation

The conditions under which the accounts of participants in the state system of NIS are formed are prescribed in the Decree of the Government of Russia. According to the document, the beginning of the formation of the amount of savings on the account of the program participant is considered the time when the grounds for entering the army team entered the register. At the same time, it does not depend on the date of information entry or on when the personal savings account was opened. The amount of savings consists of two flows: the state fee, which comes monthly from the budget, and the income from investments.

The first part is established legislatively and grows annually. If in 2005 the amount of charges was only 37 thousand Russian rubles, in 2015 the amount reached 245 thousand 880 rubles. Moreover, annually (except for 2016), contributions are indexed as the inflation rate increases. Therefore, there can not be less than last year.

The second part of the savings is formed by investing available amounts in high-yield assets, which only Rosvorenipoteka has the right to choose. How do I know which amount on the account has accumulated to the current day? Is it possible to start issuing a loan? It turns out that it's quite easy to do this.

How can I determine the balance on the account?

The easiest way is to send a simple request to the place of service. In a short time you will receive an exhaustive answer. Your leadership will be given it by the same Rosvoenipoteka. How can I find out how much is in the account if I do not want to wait a long time? You can do it yourself quickly enough. For this you need to pass a standard and simple registration on the site of "Rosvoenipoteka". It is called - They store all the information about the participants of the program called "Military Mortgage". How do I find out how much money is in my account? Just go to the "Personal Cabinet" and send an appropriate request. In addition, every year before April 15, the participant of the NIS program will certainly receive a letter containing information on the status of the savings account.

registration on the site

So, we go to the website of the Rosvoenipoteka organization. How can I find out the amount on my account by registration number? To do this, you will have to enter your details in the questionnaire on the site. It is very easy to do this. We find on the site (top right) a button with the inscription "Registration", click on it and enter standard items: name, email address, password you invented. Now we are looking for the inscription "Change data" and enter additional information: the final 10 digits of the number of the NIS participant, the date from which you had reasons to register in the register. Then click "Save". After all the necessary data are filled, you can send a request to the specialist about the status of the personal savings account.


As you can see, information on how much money on the account ("Military Mortgage") is incredibly easy to find out. Having received all the necessary information, you can accurately calculate when the long-awaited acquisition of real estate will become possible.

Also worth paying attention to a few more points. First, in the case when a soldier voluntarily resigns from the armed forces without serving in the army for 10 years and having not had time to exercise the right to purchase housing for a military mortgage, all accumulated funds are to be returned to the state budget. At the same time, the account is closed. Secondly, if the apartment was still bought, and the soldier resigned, not having served the coveted 10 years, he is supposed to return all the money received. The term is set at the discretion of Rosvoenipoteka. It depends on the borrower's solvency and the amount of debt. Housing at the same time remains in the ownership of the former army officer. And the rest of the amount due for him, he will have to pay out on his own.

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