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Maple Tatar in the nature and in gardening

Darkblood, or Tatar maple is a deciduous tree with a height of two to twelve meters. Sometimes it grows in the form of a large shrub. In nature, it is distributed in humid places in Western Siberia and the Balkans, in the steppe or forest zones of the European part, as well as in the mountain regions of Greece and Turkey, the Caucasus and Iran. The tree is well tolerated by drought and frost, loves light, although it can develop in shaded areas, not demanding on soil composition, but sandy soils are most preferable. Beautiful plant in spring and summer, but in autumn - excellent.

The most famous representative of the flora of the Far East is the maple of the Tatar ginnal. It grows within the Amur region, in China. A beautiful bush or a short tree, reaching a height of six meters, having a spherical crown - Tatar maple. The photo speaks of its excellent decorative qualities. Its shoots are brown. Crohn in summer in a greyish-green hue. The leaves are smooth, trilobate, in autumn they have a charming red tinge.

Tatar maple is one of the first to start blossoming after winter. And although his first leaves appear two weeks earlier than those of other related plants, he blossoms much later, spending a lot of energy on the formation of the prefabricated inflorescence immediately from the four scutes. This is an excellent decorative feature, thanks to which the Tatar maple is in great demand. Its crown is most often ovoid, although it often has a globular shape. The plant grows rapidly and adds up to seventy centimeters in height and half a meter in width per year, so that at a height of eight meters its crown will have a diameter of six meters.

Under favorable conditions, the Tatar maple on the average reaches the age from one hundred to three hundred years, therefore it is considered a long-liver. Its leaves have a pattern characteristic for this species. They are elongated and painted in summer and spring in a bright green color, and in the fall they become bright red. Apply this culture as an ornamental plant, used in groups, single plantings and for the decoration of hedges.

When planting Tatar maple is not strongly buried. Its root neck is left at the level of the earth's surface. The place is chosen open or with penumbra, given that in the shade the decorative color of the leaves can lose its brightness. If the groundwater is located on the site high, then first make a drainage layer, pouring into the hole and ramming about twenty centimeters of large gravel. In the soil mixture, you need to add complex fertilizers, and then water it, you need about 20 liters of water. Then the soil should be covered with peat. After the Tatar maple has taken root, in arid times it will need to be watered once a week, at the same time spending ten to twenty liters of water. To avoid soil compaction, it must be weeded, loosened and mulched. The next year, watering in the dry season should be done only once a month, pouring under the barrel of only fifteen liters of water.

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