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Romanian striker Christian Tudor

Christian Tudor is a former Romanian football player, who was known to fans for performances for various Russian clubs. He played at the position of the central striker. Christian Tudor was forced to end the career of a football player early because of health problems. Unfortunately, he could not recover and in 2012 died of liver cirrhosis.

Carier start

Christian Tudor was born August 23, 1982 in Romania, where he played football on an amateur level, until he was seen in Gloria at the age of fifteen. Until 2000, he was in the club system, speaking for youth compositions of different age categories, and when he turned 18, he signed a professional contract with the club. Immediately after signing the contract, the attacker was sent to the Italian "Pistoieze". When Tudor returned, he spent one season for "Gloria", playing 9 games and scoring one goal. In the summer of 2002, it was time for the player to move on - Christian Tudor was sold to Moldovan Sheriff.

Football career

Christian Tudor is a football player who won trophies only in the "Sheriff". It was this career period that was the most successful for the Romanian football player. He became the champion of Moldova three times, once won the Moldavian Cup, and once won the CIS Cup. For "Sheriff" he played 28 matches, scoring 18 goals. In the summer of 2003, Tudor was sent for a year to rent in Vladikavkaz "Spartak" - so he first got into the Russian championship. There he spent a whole season, returned to Moldova, played there some more time, and at the end of the transfer window was sold to FC "Moskva". There he spent six months before he was sent to rent - again in Vladikavkaz "Spartak".

Returning in a year, Tudor was transferred to the club's double, for which he spoke for one year, until his contract with "Moscow" in winter 2007 was over. Then he took a year off to improve his health, and returned to football in 2008, signing a contract with FC Alania. It was all the same "Spartacus", in which he spent two years - just was called now differently. After a year of diligent attempts to restore his career, Christian Tudor announced that he was leaving the big sport. He hung the boots on the nail, because he realized that with his health he could not play at a high level.

After the completion of a career

Tudor was only 27 years old when he completed his career, the cause of this were serious health problems. He threw all his strength on the treatment, which lasted for three years. However, on December 23, 2012, 30-year-old Christian died at home in Romania from cirrhosis of the liver.

Christian Tudor is now remembered by many - he was not a star footballer, did not represent a rival to Messi or Ronaldo. But for his level, he coped well with the tasks that were put before him. That is why he became the best scorer of the CIS Cup in 2003 - thanks to his bombing abilities, "Sheriff" was able to win this trophy for the first and last time in history.

Unfortunately, Christian Tudor will not please anybody with his goals scored and will not pick up a new trophy won over the head with the club.

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